Servant dream meanings

General Meanings:

Servants (Butler) is usually understood as a warning. The following circumstances:

  • To see servants this dream may be a warning about false friends who have only selfish interests in mind.
  • To be a servant shows that you are exploited by others.
  • Sometimes a dream symbol of servant may indicate sincere humility or false modesty, expresses inhibitions and feelings of inferiority that the dreamer has to overcome.
  • Servant in the dream is usually understood in the same sense as the maidservant. According to ancient dream books, this dream announces that you will be promoted at work.

Psychological Meanings:

Influence of others To be a servant in the dream marks that you have to know that you are influenced by others very easily and you suffer from poor self-esteem. To have a servant in the dream marks that you have a possibility to create something new in your life with the help of others. This will be even easier for you to reach your goals.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Troubles because of influence if be a servant –  You will come in strong financial dependence because of your feelings of inferiority because you are too humble and submissive and people can easily use you;
  • Important event if see a busy servant – The servants are very busy in your dream then this announces you important visits in near future;
  • Don’t be scare if see a servant – You are a servant in the dream, then this dream gives you an advice that you do not have to be afraid of work and misfortune;
  • Anger if servants arguing – When servants are arguing between each other then this dream announces that you will have anger and jealousy in your life;
  • Warning if have a servant – In the dream you have a servant then this dream denotes that you have to be careful with people around you;
  • Be strict if see your stuff – The woman who dreams of her staff, then this dream announces an obstacle at work. You have to be strict at your work in order to avoid damage.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Need to help if be a servant – To dream of being a servant indicates that you can not live always as you want sometimes you have to serve others;
  • Award if see a maid – In the dream you see a maid then this dream is a good sign that you be awarded at work because of your hard work.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if see a servant – In the dream you see a servant then this dream is a warning that there are false friends around you;
  • Foolishness if be a servant – You’re going to fool yourself when in the dream you are a servant.

* Please, see meaning of butler.

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