Sharpening stone dream meanings

In general:

A sharpening stone (whetstone) is a symbol of encouragement and confidence, and tells, that dreamer must be sharper. In friendship relations, water stones does not mean those who engage in dreamer’s arms, but those who encourage and inspire. Also dreaming of whetstone often referres to a woman.


– Dreaming of sharpening stone (waterstones; whetstones): you must be attentive to your advantage. This dream indicates that great care is required in the matters, if you want to avoid difficulties, otherwise you could be forced into an uncomfortable journey.

– Dreaming of sharpening stone: great joy.

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  1. My dream was about a place where a bunch of people were. It was in the woods where there was a huge river with still dark water, a river, and at the bginning of this river everybody was in agroup and u had to jump in not knowing what was underneath… u jumped in u swam and the water picked u up and then brought u to a place with rocks that were along the side and inside the river so u could stop, get out, reassess and jump back in until u had finished this task or competetion. This dream really frightened me and I am not sure why. It left me in a state of panic. But I am really trying to figure out what my subconscious is trying to tel me? Does anyone know what this dream means?