Sheet dream meanings

General Meanings:

  • Sheet (paper) represents the living space which we fill in with our personality.
  • The sheet is empty and unwritten this dream symbol announces new opportunities in your life that will have soon.
  • The written page indicates that there is a note how to move forward your goals.
  • To get a sheet of paper with rules, this may indicate a role model which one you should not blindly follow.
  • The sheet of a book is understood as a request to acquire more knowledge.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • New things in life if see white written page – This dream signifies you about new possibilities and new opportunities that are open to you;
  • New opportunities if see written sheet – The written sheet in the dream shows your future development opportunities that are possible now and you have to use this;
  • Influence if receive sheet – In the dream you receive from other person a written sheet of paper marks that you are under the influence of that person (whether positive or negative);
  • New occupation if have a page from a book – This dream signifies that you are very curious person and your curiosity will awaken you to start new studies of all types and very useful contracts.

* Please, see meaning of paper.

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