Shower dream meanings


Cleaning, rinsing fort.


What I want to cleans from myself?

General Meanings:

Cleaning from inside Shower in the dream has a similar meaning to washing and bathing. The dream symbol of shower symbolizes the process of cleansing the conscience and the regeneration of the body and the soul.

Shower indicates your superficial relief from quilt, you have to show greater conscientiousness and perseverance. Showering yourself for too long, may mean that your sincere efforts will not be awarded.

Good or bad The hot or warm shower in the dream promises better health. While a cold shower stands for disappointments or failures.

Psychological Meanings:

You need something to wash away by yourself in order to complete something.  Perhaps you try to avoid the risk of being misunderstood.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Reaction if have cold shower – You have a cold shower in the dream, then this is the reaction of one’s actions;
  • Good health if have warm shower -In the cold room you have a warm shower then you may expect that you will have really good health;
  • Pleasure if enjoy a shower – You have a shower and enjoy and have a rest then there will be something in your life that will bring a lot of pleasure.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Wasted efforts if be in shower room – You are in the shower room in your dream, then all your efforts will be misunderstood and not useful.

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  1. Hey , Ive got a dream.
    Me and my teacher were inside of the shower room
    he never did anything wrong we just talked about our school social studies stuff and so on, he asked me a question, what are the 8 blah blah i forgot. I tried to think hard to answer and we both saying them one by one. We have a clothes on. Thats it! Lol.