Shrub dream meanings

General Meanings:

The dream of bush stands for secrets because we can hide them from the environment. The bush may be like the tree. There are some interpretations:

  • The green bush in the dream announces an upcoming happy event, which will give you an ability to start normal and wonderful life.
  • The bush withered and bare, indicates that you are in conflict with your feelings which will bring you failure and boredom.

Psychological Meanings:

Shrub as a dream symbol stands for the questions: do you have something to hide behind it? Do you want to protect yourself or others? This dream represents the desire to hide or to protect something or yourself in order to avoid problems or serious damage.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Disputes if see shrub – In the dream you see shrub then this may be a sign of upcoming quarrels and disputes because of changes in your life;
  • Fraud if lie behind the bush – In the dream you see that something lies behind the bush then this dream announces you deceit. And this may be your trustful friend or even a family member;
  • Warning if lie behind a bush – You are lying behind a bush in your dream then your unconscious sends you a signal that you have to beware of some people and gossip because this may bring damage to your reputation;
  • Good changes if shrub full of green leaves – The shrub is green with lots of leaves in your dream, then you may expect very happy and good news which may bring changes in your life;
  • Sadness if see a dried bush – To dream of dried bush then the meaning of this dream is a sign that you will have no success and satisfaction of your life;
  • Failure if see bush without leaves – The bush is bare without leaves then this dream marks that your plan is doomed to failure and will fail;
  • Better life if pass through a shrub – When in the dream you pass through a shrub, then this dream announces changes for the better position;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Reaching your aims if see shrub – In the dream to see a shrub then you will get rid of all inhibitions and will reach your goals.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if see shrub – In the dream you see a shrub, then this dream is a sign that you have to beware of disputes because they will bring you damage and loss;
  • No worries if go through shrubs – In the dream you go through the shrubs then this dream indicates that you will overcome obstacles without any consequences;
  • Happy events if see green and blooming bush – In your dream the bush is green and blooming then your passion is reciprocated and soon you will have some wonderful news or events;
  • Love if cut off and put away a shrub – This dream signifies that you will fight for your love;
  • Passive time if dried shrub – The shrub is dried in your dream, then the meaning of this dream is that you will have stagnation and will not reach any better position in your life;

* Please, see meaning of trees, bushes.

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