Sky in desert dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Reaching goals if sky in desert – To look into sky while you are in the desert then you’ll go through your hard work to high esteem and will reach your desires.

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  1. Hi,in my dream saw myself and my wife lost in the desert,on the 3rd night saw a huge blue star glowing in the skies,followed the star’s direction and met Jesus Father(The old man told me so and had been waitng for me). He brought us home and gave us bread and water!Saw many round huts make of grass and saw many sheeps on the huge grasslands.Also in dream saw a lady carrying a child with golden hair walked towards me and asked me,do you know where is this place and do you know who I’m?She even asked me to knelt in front of her and then lets the child to touch my head?She then tells me to give blessings to the peoples?