Slap on the face dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if get a slap on the face – In the dream you got a slap on the face, then this dream is a warning that you have to beware of hasty and not well thought out decisions;
  • Wasting time if you do a slap on the face – The dream signifies that your energy is wasted on something that does not deserve it.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Hard times if get a slap on the face – In near future you will have inconvenience, harm and ridicule, humiliation, loss. This life period is not so positive, but you will overcome everything because you are strong person;
  • Swindle¬†if you do a slap on the face – This marks that you’ll discover fraud in your nearest surrounding and this will hurt you.

* Please, see meaning of box on the ears.

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  1. This dream got me really worried. It happened early morning around 5:30-6 am.
    There were a lot us travelling but we stopped because there was information that armed bandits were on the road.

    I sat amongst the people in a small house, with just few chairs. At a point I felt I needed to know the present situation of things. So I went outside

    By the corner I saw an old friend of my late father who moved to Rome. He was standing with a man who in that dream reminded me of my father because he was off the same height. I moved to them to listen to they discussion as it concerned our situation. Quickly, the man standing with my late father’s friend slapped me.

    I was very shocked, not because it was painful but that he could surmon the gut to do that

    My late father’s friend stood and did not react even as exclaimed Jesus Christ. I quickly rebuked him the name of Yahweh and prayed Yahweh to make him suffer.

    At the end, a conclusion was reached that we could no longer travel on that day, we were advised to return the next day for the journey.

    What does this imply?

  2. I also saw dat I fell down from a New Motorcycle I was riding on a hilly Side along d narrow road dat leads 2 d Hill and it is a School I am entering when plenty people rose up from among d grasses then suddenly I fell down and d Motorcycle Cycle fell down and broken into pieces. but nothing strange happens to me then I waited patiently and fixed bak. but no one with me and all disappeared. tanx. I am a Christian 4ron d Nothern Part of Nigeria. Precisely reciding in Kaduna State.

  3. 05-05-2013 On this day I woke up with a dream dat one of my spiritual son slap me and I am spiritual father. I am looking 4 d meaning and I need your interpretations pls.Thanks. God bless you all from Kafanchan Kaduna State Nigeria. Tanks hop 2 hear from you. My Facebook Address is [email protected]