Sleeve dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Honor if see a sleeve –┬áThe dream of sleeve means great honor for you;
  • Wealth if see two sleeves – In the dream you see two sleeves, this announces you richness;
  • Poorness if see torn sleeve – This dream shows that you will experience poverty, but you will overcome this because of your hard work;
  • Extra money if see short sleeves – When you see short sleeves in your dream, this marks that you will get extra money;
  • Journey if have long sleeves – In the dream you are wearing a shit with long sleeves, then this dream announces you unexpected travel;
  • Pleasure if tight sleeves – This marks that you will have sexual pleasure in near future;
  • Warning if too long sleeves – In the dream your sleeves are too long, this denotes that you have to control your temper and do not show it to everyone, because this may cause you lots of necessary worries.

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