Slope dream meanings

General Meanings:

Risk and fair of failure Fear of failure is a very strong feeling. In the dream it can be expressed as a slope. The dreamer in his dream enters onto a steep slope, this indicates that he carelessly puts at risk because he does not foresee the consequences of his actions. The possibility to overcome barriers and avoid troubles The attempt to climb up a steep slope, stands for a tremendous effort to overcome obstacles that stand in the way. Even if you already roll down the precipice, you may encounter with stones, but still contains the hope that you can avoid and mitigate the risk, worry and grief, when you properly act in time.

Psychological Meanings:

Great danger and this requires your attention The Tarot card “The Jerk” shows the beginning and the end of journey. You don’t pay attention to the steep slope and you are not aware of the danger. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter to you, because you know that you can step and fly above the edge. This type of dream often occurs when the dreamer is in a situation of great danger.

Relief after decision You stand on the slope of a mountain in a dream – you feel pleasure when you walk down carefree? Then it is time to abandon an overly ambitious plan which would require only more stressful and hard ascent. The dream symbolizes the relief that someone feels after he has retired from a too ambitious goal with a clear mind.

Spiritual Meanings:

At this level the steep slope in the dream is the indication to a spiritual danger about which the dreamer knows.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Danger if see mountain – This dream announces about danger in sight.
  • Misery if rocky – In the dream you see a rocky slope, this will bring you grief and sorrow;
  • Satisfaction if green or mossy – You are dreaming that you see green and mossy slope, this signifies about peace and contentment;
  • Overcome barriers if wooded – The dream shows that you will confront with obstacles and overcome them;
  • Changes if stand and consider – You are standing and considering on a slope in your dream, this denotes that it is time to change the current situation if you want to make it better;
  • Fear to fail if stand on the edge – This dream shows you inner feelings, that you have fear of personal failure or of coming problems. You are strong and you will solve all the problems;
  • Warning if roll down – Means that you found the easier way to improve your life, but this way is very risky and can make you unnecessary worries;
  • Worries if slide down a hill – You slide down the hill in your dream, this announces that bad events occur in the near future which will cause losses and possibly through your own fault;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Unpleasant situation if fall down -In the dream felt down, means that will you come to unpleasant situation, but not because of your own fault;
  • Unfulfilled hopes if stony – This dream signifies that your desire will not fulfill, but you should not give up to hope;
  • Be nicer if green with small shrubs – The dream wants to pay you attention that you have be kind with people around you;
  • Overcoming difficulties if with a forest – You dream a slope with a forest, you have recognized the difficulties of your life and now you will cope with them.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Grief if see – The dream is a signal that the grief and sorrow will pursue you;
  • Infidelity if go up or climb difficulty – You are dreaming that you are going up or climbing difficulty, the unfaithfulness will annoy you;
  • Pain caused by family if climb down – The family relationships will hurt and harass you.

* Please, see meaning of precipice.

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