Smallpox dream meanings

General Meanings:

As the old dream books explain the smallpox is a symbol of prosperity, which may be a fact or may be your inner desire for more money and success. The dreamer has to distinguish this symbol carefully against acne.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Luck if smallpox – The smallpox as a dream symbol signifies that the dreamer will have a fortune because of unknown person;
  • Money if see someone smallpox – In the dream you see that someone has smallpox, then this dream announces that you will get money.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Money if see (the disease) someone with smallpox – In the dream someone has a disease with smallpox you will be surprised because of your incomes;
  • Wealth if have smallpox – You are dreaming that you have smallpox, then you are lucky person because you will become unexpectedly rich;
  • Worries if smallpox are black – The smallpox in the dream are black and dirty then you have very unfavorable dream, this indicates destruction of your life or property.

* Please, see meaning of acne.

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