Snake skin dream meanings

The one of most interesting snakes dream which shows the magical side of these animal is when the snakes shed skin. The dream about snake skin is complexed. This mystical symbol is capable to have opposite meanings: good and bad.

To see snake shedding it’s skin augurs separated will, fertile sexuality, mastery and transformation. It indicate that your life is going into new phase.

The snake as a magical symbol is very strong in many cultural customs, therefore personal cultural background should be very valuable factor in how your dream is explained. Dreaming about a snake shedding it’s skin can be a sign of very powerful unforeseen apprehensiveness. But it also includes the renewal of hidden instinctual protection.

This dream can mean very well cloaked risks, callous human being. But most important, it is a symbol of freshly received awe-inspiring energy of the subconscious, which provides rediscovery of successful life.

Other explanation of snake’s skin is pessimistic. It speaks about clutch happening in your life.

Alternatively, your dream may augur that a person of huge importance can secure your interests. Differently, if you do have fear for snakes or if the dream was more like nightmare, then it means that an unknown person might be illusory and deceptive toward your person. But if your dream was full of positive feelings then it stands for togetherness of your effeminate part. Also it symbolizes rediscovered sexual instinct. On the other hand, when a dream was full of bad emotions then it hints that you are in difficulty with some dainty aspect in waking life.

Psychologically (Sigmund Freud), skin of snake indicates fresh erotic seductions.

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