Solitude dream meanings

General Meanings:

Loneliness or independence The dream about solitude marks that the dreamer feels split off, isolated or lonely. More positively this dream symbol may show the need for independence. Loneliness can present a negative condition or may be very positive. This belongs how the dreamer feels and what he wants in his real life. Does he need to be independent and to be with himself. Or does he feels alienated and lonely.

Psychological Meanings:

Ability to deal with worries It shows the ability to recognize the need that you have to deal with your own emotions without help of others.

Spiritual Meanings:

Solitude in this context stands for completeness, wholeness.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • if be solitude –  A symbol of completeness and wholeness
  • Desire to be independent if be isolated – This dream shows that you want to be alone, to be with yourself and make decisions by your own;
  • Be more positive if feel lonely – This shows that you are lonely in your real life, you have to be more self-confident and do not be afraid to communicate with others, this will help you you find real friends.

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