Stage dream meanings


Show; achievement.


What do I wish to recognize? What am I afraid of? What do I want to show for the world?

General Meanings:

Your own life Stage as a dream symbol very often is common with the meaning of life and the environment. This depends on what happens on the stage, then you can recognize your own relationship with the world and make practical consequences for meaningful changes in your own attitude, expectations and behaviors.

The action on stage in the dream may show your current situation in life, which may be “dramatic” then you look for support to deal with this.

  • In the dream to stand on stage, this will show the present life.
  • An open-air stage in the dream is an indication of communication with the masses.
  • To renew a stage in the dream, then this means that the dreamer needs to keep moving and to reach goals.
  • In the dream to be in the audience, this shows that the dreamer is a passive observer of life and and watches the action on stage.


The stage for may of us means “position in the limelight,” which each of us aspires. It looks like that you desire to enjoy the attention of others.

Spiritual Meanings:

From the spiritual point of view, a stage is a symbol of the theater of life. The dreamer observes the situation, the events objectively, even if he is involved. The dreamer has an ability to project from “pieces” the outward, then he can control his life from inner position.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Success if see stage – In a dream you see stage, then this dream announces you success in a particular field;
  • Aimless fight if hidden under curtain – In the dream you hide under curtains, then this dream indicates that you have pointless struggle in your life;
  • Advice if play on the stage – In the dream you are playing a role on the stage, then this dream gives you an advice that it is better to be a spectator in the life but not as a main person acting in the play;
  • Want for easy way if be on the stage – In the dream to be on a stage marks that you want to achieve you professional success without much effort.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • False truth if see yourself on the stage – You see yourself on the stage in the dream, then this dream shows that you are not telling the truth, you are “acting” your life;
  • Trust yourself if see the stage – In the dream you see the stage then this dream is a sign that you shouldn’t be shy.

* Please, see meaning of theater.

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