Stand up dream meanings

General Meanings:

Wake up and act It is very important in a dream when one person stands up, this is often an indication that you should do something in your life. This dream is like a promotion for you to stand up, go out into the world and be active and curious. Such  dream often appears when one spends his life too passively. This is time for you to do something “Significant”.

Psychological Meanings:

New start When you sit then you keep thing as they are, but if you stand up you want to get rid of petty things that are not important to you and to start something new. Standing up is often understood as a symbol for the own energy.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • New start if stand up on the earth, in a warehouse or an office – This dream signifies that you are ready to make changes in your life and you will a cheerfully start new phase in your life.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • News if stand up from the chair – This dream announces you good and pleasant news.

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