Steamboat dream meanings

General Meanings:

Steamer or Steamboat, the ship that lets off steam, as a dream symbol stands for the own unrest, that your life journey may go into uncharted waters. The smoke from the chimney indicates future and your courage, every trip goes again and hopefully happy to end.

Psychological Meanings:

The moving steamboat marks the spiritual impulses that were moved and quickly directed to the mind.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Work if see steamboat lots of steam – In the dream you see a steamboat with lots of steam, then this dream is a sign that you will have ability to start interesting work or great activity;
  • Travel if see a steamboat – The steamboat as a dream symbol marks that you will make a journey;
  • Good life if see floating steamboat – The dream has very positive meaning that marks realization of your plans that improves your current position. Also you will have journey into the unknown places.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Job if see steamboat floating – The dream goes as a good omen, which may bring perspective relations and better job;
  • Good future if control a steamboat – In the dream you control a steam boat then this announces you hopeful future and happy life;
  • Ruined plans if see capsize steamboat – In the dream you see a capsize steamboat, then this dream is a sign that there will be a bad incident which will hinder your plans.

* Please, see meaning of steam, travel, ship.

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