Stretcher dream meanings

General Meanings:

Need of support Stretcher as a dream symbol shows that you need a support to get rid bad influence or to finish painful relationship. In general the stretcher announces that in near future there will be some changes which will have a favorable effect. But to be on a stretcher in the dream denotes your own ability to deal with misfortune and worries.

Psychological Meanings:

Time to relax Dream of stretcher is a very typical exhaustion dream. The main thing what you can do to avoid absolutely exhaustion, you should find time to be passive and just to lie on “the stretcher” and to use others support and” rescue”. The empty stretcher perhaps shows even the emptiness of a relationship. There is no any possibility to “rescue” this relationship.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

    • Help if see stretcher –  In the dream you see stretcher, then this dream represents that you will get a support for your new ideas or plans, but you should be very sure about success;
    • Satisfaction if empty stretcher – The empty stretcher in the dream generally signifies a happy event in prospect, but this will be only for bachelors and maidens;
    • Inheritance if be brought on a stretcher – To dream of being brought on a stretcher indicates that a legacy may soon change your life;
    • Time to relax if lie on a stretcher – You are lying on a stretcher in your dream,  this means that this is time for you to relax because you are hopeless and too tired to find the solution;
    • Success if have a stretcher – To dream of having a stretcher denotes good prospects of success and rapid progress in your life;
    • Disease if someone is lying on a stretcher – This dream is a warning that you have to take care of your health because the illness occurs for you immediate;
    • Misfortune if be on a stretcher yourself – This dream is a sign that you will have an unhappy and unfavorable situation and you have just to save what can be saved.


Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Joy if see stretcher – Stretcher as a dream symbol signifies that more than you think you will have success and satisfaction at your work;
  • Good sign if lying on a stretcher – Very good omen, that you will have advantage in all your undertakings they are lying before you just use this;
  • Promotion if be carried out – When you are carried out on the stretcher in your dream, then you may expect advancement of your plans or work.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Death if see a dead man lying – In the dream you see a dead person is lying on a stretcher, then this is very bad omen this announces death;
  • Happy event if be on a stretcher – This announces you a pleasant change  in your life;
  • Good future if carry objects – When you are carrying something on a stretcher in your dream, then this marks that you will have good prospects of your career.

* Please, see meaning of litter.

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  1. Hello Friends,

    Just few minutes back I had a dream. Which provoked me tremendously to get the dream meaning properly. Friends myself Biswajit and I belong to Hinduism religion. As I follow our idols and keeping hope always to become a good person as poious and generous. Let’s come to the business, there I saw my own house.. Own room.. And surprisingly my bed. I have two stroyed building. And in the ground floor there I saw a Stretcher on the bed. I first time amazed to see that. But after questioning to my father, he replied someone doctor has gifted two streacher. Another streacher is in my maternal Aunty’s home.. And another is in our home.. I couldn’t understand why doctor gave it to us. Then I saw my mother also was lying on it.. Talking with us and making fun. But I didn’t support it. As it looked very dirty. Same time I thought that it was in Hospital may be. And thousands of injured people were carried out by this Stretcher. That’s why I feel to vomit.. I taunted my mom too for accepting this gift…

    And suddenly I woke up. I astonished why have I this kind of dreams. As that’s not link with me…

    At that time was around 4.20 pm.. Wednesdays…

    Jai Sree Rama..
    Jai Modiji..
    Jai Bharat Mata..
    Jai Bajrangbali.
    Jai Shiv Shambhu.
    Jai Ma Kali.
    Jai Jawan jai kisan..

    Bande MA taram.

  2. Had a dream last night & could mean many things.
    I was at my old middle school(8th grade) English class room, but I was supposedly in high school(I graduated already, 20 years old). The students all had different snacks we were gonna eat. I remember one kid had baked goods & wine & I had a box of Reese’s Puffs I was gonna eat(unopened). Some teacher aide came in & told the class were weren’t aloud to eat in the classroom so our teacher told us to put the food away. Then a biology teacher came in & he was wearing spectacles as was I. I saw, in 3RD person, him look at me & spot we had the same kind then pulled me aside because he wanted to do tests on me, because he was a scientist too. Thinking I’d get out of class I said yes but shortly after it was late night & he had an assistant pushing me on a stretcher to his dome laboratory. He walked ahead of us & I watched in 3rd person as I asked questions because I was nervous about what would happen. He just smiled & payed no attention to y question & then I started getting scared & asking his assistant the questions. Then I was outside my house while women knocked on my bay window in my living room looking for “ER”(I took it as them looking for my sister Erin). I took the delivery from them on my front concrete stoop & it was a silver, recntagular shovel. Can anyone help me with the stretcher part?? I’m a little confused on what it all means…

    • @Sandra its important to know what direction they were spinning in(clockwise vs counter~clockwise). often spinning is much like a circle. could represent going in circles or even 0’s(000, 0000 messages) depending on your view. also_ other clues may help; were you at work, your home, an unknown location, etc.