Suit dream meanings


Formality and professional identity


How i would like to be recognized, including my ability to perform?

General Meanings:

In General, the dream that is related to suit, shows the garments everyone wears in order to represent themselves.

Psychological Meanings:

On psychological level the suit is worn by those who have conservative views and mostly by men. There are also the desire to fit into standards and be able to merge with the crowd.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Riches and wealth if buy the suit – the one who bought the suit will become successful and will get rewarded by material things such as money and also respect;
  • New plans if got the new suit – for the dreamer to get a new suit, denotes to new ideas and plans who will probably get realized;
  • Inability to let go the old job or views if see an old suit – the one who dreams of the old suit, is unable to forget the past, old ideas, views or change the place he is working in at the moment;
  • Serious business deal if see a black suit – depending on the situation in the dream, such as, which person was wearing the black suit, the dreamer or the other one he saw in his dream, have different impact: the wearer of the suit will have to manage a very serious situation. Alternatively, the dream may represent the disappointment of the dreamer if he sees other people wearing black suits.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • In General the dream about suit suggests to stick with the ideas and plans you already have, otherwise anything you will change will not be safe to fulfill.
  • Unexpected news if dream of black suit – the color black represents unknown and unexpected things, therefore prepare yourself for surprises;
  • Friendship if dream of blue suit – the color blue denotes to honesty, therefore such dreams shows that the dreamer can trust the certain people;
  • Be aware if dream of gray suit – if you dream of of the suit that is colored in gray, then it shows the falseness you should be aware of;
  • Success if dream of old suit – the oldness of the suit represents wisdom and positive achievements;
  • The strength will help to reach the targets if dream of the suit that is torn apart – such dream indicates the power of the individual, which can lead to the target no matter what the circumstances are.

* Please, see meaning of clothes.

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3 responses

  1. Hi. I dreamed a man in a black suit (I couldn’t see the face) with a baseball bat in his hand. He was going to hit me but he couldn’t because I was just staring at him. Suddenly I looked outside the window at my right side and saw a red car. My father was in that car and went outside from it.

  2. So I dreamt I was in a car, which was built different than what we see a regular car today. It was fancy car.Well the choffer was driving on a bridge. When I was in the car, I noticed Jesus was sitting in front of me, this car is made different where you can see people in front of you because of the seats. Than when I saw his face I was in disbelief because he looked real thin as if he had not eaten anything, plus he had a suit on. Than the only thing I could think of really quickly was to check his hand if he had scars. I grabbed his hands and there it was the scars. I was so sad when I knew it was him and saw the scars. I started crying real hard and I put my head out the window. I than saw green slightly bended lines from my crying that were crisscrosing it made me feel like it was a storm. When I woke up I felt deeply sad, and I looked outside and it was a storm.

  3. Hi I’m 16 soon to be 17 years old and I just had a dream about a really good looking man with black hair and in a black suit. He was standing right in front of me and I didn’t have any blanket. He looked at me and said are you going to put the blanket on you Angela and then he looked at me like he was daring me and said or better don’t put it. when he said that I don’t know why but it send shivers all over my body and I was scared and the thing is I knew from the begging that that was a dream and when he said that I tried to wake up saying to myself it’s just a dream and then I waked up. Ooh and I have seen 3 bad dreams in a row this night. The first one was ok until I starting following my sister to some stairs and she start running really fast and the lights went off as I was going down and then I jumped and I was surrounded by darknes and I again I knew I was dreaming and waked up. The second I was on my bed and I couldn’t move or talk and I got a little ungry so I said fuck u to “mora” and relaxed and waked up my sister told me once what is this kind of dream and that in our launguage (Greek) is named mora and that is a spirit or something I don’t know exactly). And the third dream was with man in a black suit.