Supper dream meanings

General Meanings:

Returning force The importance of the evening meal (supper) is explained as a symbol of declining powers. Taking supper for yourself means that you will recover your strength and the next day will be successful.

Psychological Meanings:

Calmness and Relaxation A richly covered table can suggest with older people a particularly happy old age which allows to have dignified old age. For younger people shows that they have to complete the work they do, so then they can harvest its fruits. Often this points to the fact that the life ship soon gets into a quiet and calm waters or that you do not need to worry what tomorrow will bring.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Luck in everywhere if supper – To dream supper means the fulfillment of what you want, good luck in the lottery, good inheritance, rich gifts. You have to work and do your duty and this will improve your livelihood;
  • Desire to have rest if see supper – In the dream you see table with supper shows that you want peace and quiet, you are tired and want to relax;
  • Success if sit and eat supper – This dream shows that you will get your strength back and the next day will be very successful at your work;
  • Cooperation reaching the success if eating dinner with others – This dream is a sign that there is a possibility for success, but you have to join together with somebody. Very good for team work and new joint decisions.


  • Success if enjoy with another – You are dreaming that you have supper with other people, this announces that soon you will be able to enjoy the success;
  • Luck If eat – Your way is convenient to reach the target and the happiness is waving to you as a reward.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Joy if have supper – This is a meaningful dream that brings you only good things such as property, good work, happy family.

* Please, see meaning of dinner, eating.

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