Swimming pool dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Pleasure if be in a swimming pool – You are dreaming that you are in the swimming pool then your life you will experience luxury and pleasure.

* Please, see meaning of bathing.

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  1. Its like I was sitting at the right corner of the pool and on my left few meters its my house, when I put my foot in the water , the pool started overflowing down that area , I then see myself in my house trying to call the company I was working in cause its like that pool belongs to them, and they told me to fix it, and I was telling them no I can’t fix it they must come and see ,from there I dnt remember what happened. Water was clear bt funny that swimming pool was too big kinda like a river.

  2. حلمت بمسبح كبير وكانو اهلي يسبحو فيه وانا كنت خائفه جدا من الترقب للمسبح كذا مره يتكرر حلمي فياليت اعرف تفسيره

  3. me and my friends were swimming in a pool and then all of a sudden a car drives into the pull and hits 2 of my friends, then i dive to the bottom of the pool and save them both. What does that mean?

  4. I dreamt draining out dirty waterfrom the pool.the water gashed out so fast. When through I went out into the house to call my son and his aunt to see that I finally managed to drain that water. When we looked into the pool there was someone sleeping covering thewhole body with a blue blanket (very light blanket.)We were gazing and wonderind who it could be. the person woke up and we noticed that it was my mother in law who died in 1998. Westared running to call a neighbour so that she could advise us on what to do.the old lady followed us to the neighbours, but she was not happy that we were running away.she complained that “she was not happy with that”and we knelt and asked for forgivess. She then opened her mouth towards her daughterand gave hera warning showing her what was in her mouth. Unfortunately I could not see from the angle I was kneeling frombut could only two shiny strings dangling from her mouth. Then I woke up quite frightened and I started praying.