Target (bullseye) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Reaching your desires In the dream you hit on a target, then this dream shows that you have fixed goals. The pursuit of perfection plays a role in the center of the target. For the men such a dream stand as the indication of hatred or sexual desire.

Psychological Meanings:

Motivation plays in the life of every person. In the dream the dreamer sets another human as a target, then it may be that this other man is a projection of the dreamer in his reality.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level, a target with the symbolism of the mandala (see “Mandala”) so this represents yourself. Are you able to create your own goals.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Goal of life if see target – In the dream you see the target then the matter of your life is fully complied and you are moving toward this;
  • Good life if hit in the center of a target – Such a dream when you hit in the middle of the target means that you are blissful person, you will implement everything what you desire;
  • Warning if someone else is shooting to target – The dream is a warning that you have to be careful who has your confidence;
  • Your reputation if be a target as a woman -The young woman looks like a target in her own dream, then her reputation is at risk because of envy of colleagues.

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