Ten (number 10) dream meanings


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Psychological Meanings:

The new phase and better position of life Number ten (10) includes the numbers from one to nine. Among other things it has to be understood as a whole symbol. As a dream symbol 10 (ten) means a new beginning. Thus a new phase of life or a new stage of development. This figure with the one behind it and the “host” zero seems to indicate loneliness. But it has the meaning of property and increase, which can be reached only by your own power.

* Please, also see dreams interpretations about numbers.

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  1. I was in a strange place, where I was conversing with my Mother, and Brother. I dont recall if they spoke about this number, or I did. Any how I saw the number 1046 repeately more than once and I remember the number 1146 as well.

    As well Please tell me what this represents I have been finding a dime everywhere I go and I dont understand why. In my car, in the streets in my room in my laundry. always a dime why? is this.

    Best regards,

    Margarita Ramos