Tent dream meanings


– Temporary home.


– With which natural part of me, I would like to return to wholeness?

In general:

A tent in a dream symbolizes that the dreamer is traveling and do not settle. Wherever he wants to come to rest, it will be only temporary. Tent represents a lifetime building, which is built on shaky foundations, and it provides no security. This may also explain a desire for adventure and recklessness. Sometimes dreaming of the tent, suggest to get rid of all that hinders the self-development, satisfaction and joy.


Perhaps the dreamer want for some time to get away from everyday responsibilities and re-discover his relationship to the forces of nature. It may be useful if he is self-sufficient and varies from no one. We are building tents in our dream, because we are reminded by our subconscious, that there should be our home, conscious to live with nature in the future. The tent will be the roof over our head, in some dreams to stimulate thinking in the waking life simpler.


On this level, the importance of the tent is a dream return to the biblical or nomadic symbol: it represents the ability to cancel at any time the tents and leave. The dreamer is not tied to any location and can be anywhere, where he must or where he want to be in a short period of time.


– To see: you are sick or you will be soon; also: temporary conditions and adventure;
– To enter into a camp: find distraction in foreign circles;
– To sleep in tent: one must be prepared for change and also on deprivation.

– To see tent in dream: you want to go out into the world; also: announces that your current position is uncertain; also: you can have satisfaction only then, when you will live in a small home;
– To live or to sleep in tent: you will get rid of an unnecessary ballast or prejudice, and recognize the beauty of this world; also: in other hand, it proclaims the bourgeois domesticity insecure; announces changes; you should be the next time a little more economical and modest;
– Dreaming of several tents: this dream prophesy to you a travel with unpleasant friends;
– Broken tent in dream: there was problems before;
– Creep into tent: you will find an emergency shelter for someone.

– To see tent: a long journey will lead you into the world, you will have a wandering life.

* Please, see also dreams about roof, house.

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3 responses

  1. I dreamt I have a huge but flimsy tent. The tent color was dark green. On the dream, I also saw several people but I only knew one in particular which is an online friend at facebook.
    Anyway these people wanted to go somewhere and they all came to my tent to get to the place where they want to go.
    Weird as it is, but in dream parlance, If something defies gravity, it is the Holy Spirit working.
    My tent flies and has taken those people on the dream where they wanted to go.
    The friend whom I know on the dream, She is a teacher.
    Any comment on this?

  2. I dreamt about people holiday makers building tents in my back garden of my house which was bigger than my actual house when they removed the tent the grass was ruined.