Ticks dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if see tick – In the dream you see a tick crawling over the skin, then this means that you have to pay more attention to your health, because you will get to hospital bed;
  • Enemies if crush tick –  When you crush a tick in your dream, then near you there is a treacherous enemy;
  • Be attentive if see big ticks on animals – The ticks on the animals in the dream, then this means that enemies are ready to take a possession, you have to keep what you have earned in your life.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Discharge; blood sucking parasite.


A tick is a wingless insect, that sucks blood from animals and humans.

General Meaning

Something that has affected your life essence or drained you up.


A carrier of dangerous diseases.

Transcendent Meaning

A warning of something that eats you during the dream state.

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  1. I dreamt that a lot of ticks were on my face and some were on a branch on a tree and someone was killing those which were on the branch, while I was somehow struggling to remove the many on my face.

  2. I had a dream that my son had two or three ticks in his ear and I had to remove them and kill them. The last one was really big and full of blood. Gave me a battle to kill but I killed it at the end

  3. I dream that I took my 2 dogs to the dog salon so they could get their ticks removed and a hair shave. Once there, I was told that one of my dogs would only live 9 more months because he was to old. And then, I holded my other dog and a tick fell off her and bit my hand. Y took the tick out and smashed it and then I squeezed the ticks teeth that somehow got stuck in my hand. I woke up so scared.

  4. Hello,

    I tend to sleep a lot. Several times a day even because I don’t do much now that I’m on disability. I’m 30. Idk why I felt compelled to tell you that but I often do this also because I like to dream it’s better than my current life I suppose.

    Any way, I just woke up from a dream. I was on the porch with my mom and she was holding a small white dog looked like a poodle (she has a yorkie) and my dog was there a black big dog and we were talking about their care. Im very good with animals much better than most people and pets love me. In my dream the little white dog didn’t want me to touch it. But I managed to look at it and I went straight to lpoking down its ear canal and it was a cluster of ticks attached there. I then decided to look into my own dogs ears and he had the same.

    I felt overwhelmed because I know how tedious it is to pick ticks but to pick more than 50 from a dogs ear seemed impossible and o had never seen something like that before. I wondered of the vet would have a solution that would kill off the ticks that could be applied in the ears, but before I figured that out I woke up.

    Would you happen to have a clue what this would mean? Please and Thank You 🙂

  5. Hello,
    I dreamt i found a tick in my forehead that actually looked like a spot before i squeezed it. This tick was so long! I remember and felt it too vividly!

  6. I literally just woke up from a dream about ticks just now. I was so freaked out about it. All I remember is sitting in the living room with my mom and sister they were both on their phone I get up to look out the window when I see small red dots on the curtain. As I get closer I see that some are larger than others and I tell my mom. She’s on her phone and I can see they are crawling on the carpet too. As they get closer my mom looks up, grabs a sewing needle and stabs them, lifts it to her face and eats them. I just stare at her as she sits back down but I see them crawl towards them still and i try to get away from them . Then I wake up. I’ve never dreamt about bugs like that so it freaked me out and I’m surprised I remembered it all. Can anyone help me?

    • There’s a lot to be interpreted in that dream.
      About the ticks…
      Consensually, ticks represent worry. However, ticks are also part of the insect/parasite family. Insects/parasites are representative of irritations, something bugging us, or feelings of insignificance (maybe in your instance, helplessness because they were overtaking). Parasites are representative of thoughts or sexual habits that are purely selfish or a health risk, or feelings of someone/others who are parasitic.
      About the house… if it was YOUR house (either literally or figuratively), homes nearly always represent your SELF; your basic needs, such as shelter, warmth, security, and the structure o fate way you respond to the world and relationships. This includes family attitudes and goals. It also signifies how you feel when you’re being fully yourself. So the feelings you have while in your house and toward the people in you house is very important. As well as the rooms you dream of. The living room is symbolic of personal leisure/the space you feel you can be yourself, or your everyday life. THUS, if you were feeling unsafe, insecure, or uneasy, that might depict how you are feeling in your daily life right now (or at the time of the dream). It might depict that you don’t feel at ease being yourself and/or being yourself with those in the dream. Note that a sister in a dream almost universally represents feelings, fears and traits we have about/within ourselves that we see depicted through them in the dream. Your mother and sister being on the phone could imply feelings of disengaged relationship with the. Your mother stabbing and eating the tick could imply feelings you have toward your mother’s attitudes/approach to live (reckless, unhealthy, etc). The fact that she ATE a parasitic insect could be speaking literally to a health issue she is actively engaging that could be very dangerous, further reinforced by the fact that they were unconcerned about the mass of ticks heading straight for them.
      The fact that you were trying to get away implies that you are aware of the danger and have mind enough to attempt to flee it’s deadly tracks. Since this is happening in your home (i.e. within yourself) and in your living room (i.e. the room symbolic of relationships and daily life) you might evaluate if there are things in your daily life that feel like they’re overtaking you? Or if you feel unsafe in your interpersonal relationships, concerned that those around you are permitting/indulging dangerous toxicity that you wish not to be part of.
      I don’t know if any of this helps, but I hope it allows you to further process your dream and maybe connect some dots?!
      p.s. dreams are a real and valuable wealth of insight, but I believe dream interpretation, although a valid thing practiced for centuries, should be viewed as a TOOL not a RULE. So if any of this doesn’t seem to fit, then simply disregard it. However, if something strikes a chord, simply investigate further to see if it doesn’t uncover a real opportunity for correction, growth, understanding or help.

  7. I dreamed that ticks were all over my body and i was trying to remove them but to no avail i keep having the same dream in a row now and am very much afraid ,since some interpreters are referring it to ill health.please help.

  8. I keep having a reoccurring dream that I take off my shirt and there are giant clusters of 20-30 ticks in a small circle on spots of my body. I would grab a blanket or towel and rip them off. That’s all I can remember of the dream but I wake up and it really freaks me out. I hate ticks.

  9. I dreamt that this Girl was removing ticks of me and then she saw a big grey one on my arm and when she took that one of it hurt and I just looked at it and then saw her and she wAs getting full of ticks a we had to run away ..can u help me with my dream thanks.

  10. Last night I dreamed that I was at my mother-in-law’s house. She is 86 years old. Her son, my husband, was still living there in the dream even though were all were our actual ages. I was getting ready to go home to my apartment, so I started packing my things. It was a very dark and messy environment. While I was packing, I decided to change my clothes and noticed on the outer side of my left calf there were probably 50 ticks attached to my skin, the size of grapes all huddled together. They were blue-gray/skin colored and floppy like a growth. The skin near the ticks was black like it has been burned and was beginning to scar. To look at them made me feel sick, but I wasn’t sure if they had caused the blackening on my leg or whether they were helping. I was left with an overall sick, yucky feeling.

    I look forward to someone’s interpretation.

  11. i dreamed I had a tick infestation on my head but I managed to remove all of them and threw them in a burning pit. Prior to this dream, I had been carrying a lot of anxiety and worry and it weighed me down. I prayed over it and had the tick removal dream. since then, I’ve been feeling a lot lighter and worry is a thing of the past. So y’all gotta examine your lives and see where u need help.

  12. I had a dream last night that ticks were falling down from the sky like heavy rain. I was standing outside when it started. As I was running to find shelter, the ticks were landing all over me. I was covered in seconds. Some already blood bloated ticks splatted when they hit the ground. I was too scared to see if I had been bitten by any of them. I tried to brush them off without looking. It was horrifying to me. I’ve had Lyme’s disease once before.

  13. Hello,
    I was dreaming about 3 ticks on my cheek. They were under my skin, “traveling” from one cheek to another.
    My mom and I tried to get rid of it and we couldn’t.
    What does it mean?
    Thank you

  14. i dream of picking ticks off 3 puppies trying to save them only to have all the ticks crawl on me and my decesse mother helping me pick them off of me what does this mean?

  15. I had a dream in which my younger brother removed two small insects from my hair which were apparently sucking blood when I looked at one of them.
    What does this mean?

  16. The only thing I remember about my dream last night is that looked down and had a big fat tick on my side, a little bit towards my back but in the hip area. I looked down and it was attached but I could see the mouth.. I don’t really understand it either. I was like oh I’ll get a lighter and burn it off, as I reached for the lighter I noticed it already fell to the floor. What does it mean?

  17. I dreamed i had a tic on the back of my head and i layed on my sister knees so she could get it off and before i could tell her u have to burn it off she pulled it i freaked out knowing the head was stuck i woke up feeling like i woke up in my dream realizing it was a dream and i dreamed of the tic again i know tht but i cant remeber the dream i was awate tht i was dreamin so i felt the need to search my head for a tic when i got up in the morning

  18. Please I had a dream where I was lying down in the dream.
    I saw ticks all over my body and I tried removing them. due to the fear I woke up

  19. Hello!
    I dreamed that I was laying in bed wen I realised my skin had became itchy and when I sat up to look at my arms they had ticks on them so I was picking them off but as soon as I picked those off twice as many would appear somewhere else on my body eventually they were all over me and I couldn’t pick them off fast enough, in the desperate need to get these parasites off me I jump out of bed and I started ripping off my clothes as I started scrapping them off me. Still it was hopeless. But before I woke I turn to see a man in my bed who I have never seen before. I can’t stop thinking about it…please help me.

  20. I dreamed my partner had ticks on his boot. That he had a dog (we don’t) ans somehow he end up with many ticks in his boot. I was worried that my baby would catch them and also very worried if would rain as the ticks and the flies would go everywhere…

  21. I had a dream that my fiance was wrapped in a blanket full of ticks and I yelled at him to throw it in the washer while I was killing the ones that jumped onto the couch.

  22. I had a dream that I was removing ticks out of my feet and knees and there were like 2 ppl helping me I dont know wat that mean help me please

  23. Hi,

    When you had removed ticks and killing them in your dream means “PROTECTION”! You are protecting something or someone!

    I hope I have helped You. God Bless YOU!!

    • Can you help interpret this dream for me Tonnietta? I dreamt that I was running through the outdoors somewhere and while I was running, I recall feeling aware that something wasn’t right and that I was in danger of being attacked specifically by ticks. Sure enough, the next scene of my dream I had aggravated skin. I looked on my arms at what looked like black dots/blackheads. It was itchy and hurt. I tried to squeeze the black head and something like a little tail or leg became visible. I pulled on it and it was a large tick that had burrowed into my body. I was disgusted and horrified at the sight/thought, and began doing the same to every aggravated area (mostly on my arms, as far as I can remember). I proceeded to remove several huge ticks that had burrowed into my body.

  24. hi Shari,
    the Ticks in your dream are Symbols of Worry. And that they are manifested and that You keep seeing them everywhere means that You are surrounded by Worry. You are Worring yourself to the bone. Jesus said: “Donot worry about nothing. Just like God take care of Birds, He will take care of Us. We are greater than Birds so if God takes care of lesser creatures than Humans then imagine what he will do for Us. For He will never leave Us or forsake Us~those that believe in His Son Jesus the Christ. You need to Constantly Pray to God and believe that all things are possible through Christ Jesus. By doing this you will increase Your faith and there will be lesser room for anxiety that brings fear and worry into your Soul.

    I pray that I have helped you, in Jesus name! Contact me anytime if you have anymore questions….

  25. I had a reoccuring dream last night about tick infestation. They were everywhere…on my car, on the carpet, the grass, etc. I am deathly afraid of them, so to dream about them more than once in a night doesn’t sit well with me. I would wake myself up from the dream and then when I would fall asleep I would dream about ticks again…always an infestation. what does it mean?? This is what I found so far on the dream interpretation (from two different websites):

    To dream of ticks represents an annoyance in your life that forces you to be extra careful. An exhausting need to stay perfect or appear perfect to others. Never getting to enjoy yourself because you are too concerned with being cautious of a mistake. Always feeling on the edge.

    To see ticks in your dream indicates that something is slowly draining the energy and strength out of you. A relationship, your job, or someone is sucking the life and energy out of you. The dream may also be a pun on being “ticked off” and thus represent your feelings of being annoyed or irritated.

  26. I had a dream i was so itchy all over my body.I went into a bathroom and took part of my clothes off and i had a lot of ticks on me.As i took them off i would throw them into the toilet.

    • Hi,

      The dream is telling you that you have “Dry Skin”. All those Ticks on you means that you have alot of Dry Scaly Skin..WHen you were taking them off and throwing them in the toilet means that you need to take care of your “Dry Skin”.

  27. I dreamed scrapping 2 small, dead, red ticks that were settled around my ear lob. After removing them I realised there was one live greyish tick sucking stuck to the back of my neck and sucking my blood and I plucked it off and killed it.

    • This is a common meaning it is most likely mentioning towards a close friend that was causing pain or treachery and needed to be removed from your life……but this dream is a form of closure meaning that you have already removed this friend or that you have been seriously considering it