To be pursued dream meanings


– Be on the heels.


– What do I want to be closer to me?
– To whom am I ready to be closer?

General Meanings:

To be pursued or to attempt to flee, are two of the most common dream events. Usually the dreamer attempts a responsibility or his feelings of having failed to escape; also fears or emotions, with which he is not ready that can be meant here. Persecution often points to libel attentive by others, against which you must fight back. However, perhaps a sense of guilt also stands behind the fact, which you should process. If you pursue someone who is injustice, that he has committed another, try to make amends and compensations, get along with him and reconcile.

Psychological Meanings:

Pursue in the dream is extremely frequent in the most diverse variations, and the unconscious pushes contents as a teaching force in the consciousness, it should heed the dreamers. They must be interpreted so that the dreamer should accept this, what pursues him. It is namely almost always about the unconscious contents which try to get in the consciousness of the dreamer, want to force themselves upon him and therefore deserve attention. Who is pursued, for example, by people of the other gender, should try to diminish your fear in the erotic area because otherwise you can become the right loner. The ancient Egyptians stated, who is pursued in the dream, bad person is repeated after that. If the dreamer is pursued by shadows, this shows his needs to escape approximately from suppressed traumatic experience from the childhood. If he is pursued by an animal, this refers, in general, to the fact, that he is not with his passion in the harmony and unison. It can play a role about which animal it is.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level prosecution in a dream indicates the fear of the dreamer of his own actions.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

– To become a pursued person: indicates fighting; anyone who has done wrong, tried to regain it again;
– You pursue somebody: you are not able to make up for a done mistake.

Hindu (Hinduism)

– You become: this says nothing good about you;
– Pursue somebody: peace and joy;
– You see pursuers in the dream: cloudy days come in the house.

Arabian (Islamic)

– In the dream you are pursued: offensiveness; must count on annoyance and horrible slander; also: you should again thoroughly reconsider your previous decisions in professional matters;
– In the dream you can not escape: you will not be able anymore to change the given facts.
– You pursue somebody: there is a risk to be involved in a thing which you would regret later.

* Please, see meaning of burglary, burglar, animals.

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