Toes dream meanings


Beginning & movement.


Where do I want to break in?

General Meanings:

Don’t lose yourself Toe in dream wants to warn you that you should allow yourself to be affected by other on your own way.

Psychological Meanings:

Be more polite In the dream you were tiptoe, then this dream denotes that you have to be more cautious and to show diplomatic approach, but you will have the lack of fortitude.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Journey if see your own toes – To look at your own toes in the dream, then this dream announces a journey, where you can collect enormous experience or a profitable enterprise for you;
  • Your behavior if have dirty toe or toes – You are dreaming that your toes are dirty then this dream marks that you should consider your behavior in a specific plan.

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Be strong if see toes – Toes in dream always goes as a reminder of strong character, which always stand strong on its own feet;
  • Journey if see toe or toes –  The dream indicates that you will need healthy feet, because you will need to run and to walk a lot because of long trip which will strenuous you as a person.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Your way if see toes – To see toes in your dream then through life you’ll go your own way.

* Please, also see dream about feet.

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  1. I had a dream that I had a operation on my toes. I had a false set pit over them. They looked big and big spaces between the tors I took the false foot off and my own feet looked the same as the false set. My big toes was big with big spaces between them. They all looked the same size. All the toes looked the same. They looked strange.

  2. Had a dream that I had 6 toes on the left foot and 7 toes on the right foot. I didn’t notice they were there until my mother pointed them out to me.

    • I had this same dream last night, I looked down at my feet and counted six toes on left and seven on the right. It was so strange I remember my disbelief, I couldn’t believe I was thirty six years of age and I had never noticed how many toes i had.

  3. Ive had a strained relationship with my oldest son and really everyone since a brain injury in 2008. On Friday night we found ourselves on the end of a dirt road talking. I explained im mentally handicaped and need grace. I connot help it and my lot in life. That i need love despite myself. I have been abandoned by everyone and so lonely so have been yearning for love.
    Anyway in my dream my son had a large inflamed sore on his big toe on his right foot. He was in looked like it had been lanced once already as a small scar. I kept telling him i could help but he wouldnt let me. Finally i he said he’d let me help him. I found a clean towel and put his foot on the towel. I found in a pile of razor blade a brand new blade. I cut into the sore and it drained torrents. Black chunks, a river. I then woke up…any thoughts?

  4. I had a really vivid dream where I looked at my feet and had three big toes and one amputated or injured one in between them. On my left foot, it was in the normal configuration but instead of 5 there were 8 toes. This seemed perfectly normal in the dream, like I was used to having my feet that way but when I woke up I was eager to count my toes!! Any ideas what this could mean?!

  5. My pinky toe on my left foot is currently broken. Last night I dreamt that I was walking across grass, and my broken toe was hurting. I looked down to see my fourth toe was missing and when I looked back, it was on the grass. I frantically retrieved it and tried to put it into milk, but I kept spilling the milk, and each time the toe became more like a finger, and larger, but more deteriorated until it was just the bones left. People around me were looking at me as if I was crazy, and at the doctors, I was unable to get a doctor to see me and I was left with no fourth toe on my left foot, and a cup of milk with long thin bones in it. There was no blood as one would think associated with this injury, but there was pain. I am hoping you can give me some insight into this dream as it has me puzzled and I awoke with the feeling that the dream had a purpose and urgent message for me.

  6. The dream was of the big toe of a male, sticking out of the marble floor of our home. Some of the other toes of one foot were barely showing, as if they were casted in the marble ?

  7. I was using nippers ( a type of nail clipper ) to cut my nails and my nails were thick and I cut them really low but it didn’t hurt my mother came out of no where and said look what your doing to yourself stop it ( exact words ) and I stopped and looked at my feet and she turned my toe towards me ( I’m flexible like that so it’s Normal ) but all of a sudden my toes were swollen and my third toe was ripped in the middle revealing new skin it didn’t hurt but it really creeped me out and then I woke up into another dream . What does this mean ?please I’m so terrified !

    • Sounds like you’re “shedding your skin” and becoming a new person. Perhaps your mother will disapprove of these changes but you will feel as if you are bettering (or metaphorically “manicuring”) yourself.

  8. I dream that there is an accident where my sister suffers a serious cut just below her knee. I am so concerned for her injury that I do not notice that all my toes have been cut off in the s
    same accident. There is no blood no pain. But I lose all my toes.

  9. I was in a familiar place with my girlfriend and she had layers of toes on the left side and top of her left foot. and they weren’t in a row just kind of coming out individually everywhere. it kind of weirded me out all day. Thinking about it is giving me the willies. what does it mean?

  10. i hadn a dream that i wuz jst hanging out w/a friend of mine -&& for sum reason he took his shoe off -&& his toe waz REALLY BIG -&& white too! i wuz jst shoked ha ? what does diz mean?

  11. Last night I had a dream that I had really filthy feet. I looked at my second to last toe on my left foot and it looked like I slit it down the middle some how. I started to clean my feet with a cloth and as I looked closer, it seems that my toe had been split in half. No blood, no real pain. It was just split right down the center appearing as if I had six toes on one foot. When I tried to pull it apart, there was a slight pain. The same as if you pull your toes too far apart from each other. What could this mean?