Tool dream meanings


Work on productivity.


What do I want to create or to do?

General Meanings:

The dream of tools symbolizes the funds that are available to the dreamer in order to maintain your lifestyle. Tool as a dream symbol can be indicative of practical intelligence. Each tool have a special importance:

  • A drill in the dream is the restoration of emotions and fears as well as insights;
  • A hammer gives for the dreamer the strength and the resistance to break old patterns of behavior.
  • A saw as a dream symbol tells that the dreamer is capable to do everything – he has accumulated experience which is divided and processed. So he can begin with something new in his life.

Psychological Meanings:

Hidden abilities In deep psychological perspective such a dream marks that you have qualities and talents. You have to find the possibilities to use them in your life even more.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level the dream of tools indicates spiritual resources as love, devotion and charity.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Mistakes if see tools – To see tools in the dream this symbolizes defects in the production of a work or a task;
  • Disease if defective tools – The tools with defective or broken in your dream, then the dream is a sign of death or serious illness of relatives or friends and bad business deals.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Talents if dream of tools – Dreaming of tools may show that you are a capable person, that you have some unique talents which ones you have to use.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Solved problems if see smoothing tools – The dream is a sign that all your disputes will be settled soon without any consequences;
  • Troubles if see cutting tools, saw or knife – The knife or saw in the dream shows that your intemperance may cause you even more worries and troubles.

* Please, see also meanings of dreams about manual workman, craftsman, repairman, artisan.

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  1. I saw a bunch of tools on the ground, and some in the dirt, loose dirt. tools were: crowsfeet/ various sizes, dog bones/various sizes. some had an organizer ring which you fit through the drives (3/8 drive).

    also someone standing right by me claimed them, he show me a plastic cutout of the list of tools he owns and most of them was on the list so i gave it to him. somehow i ended up in a vehicle with him while he was showing me the proof of ownership and i ended up with a friend i have not seen in along time in the car.

    we are both military but when i saw him he was of a significantly higher rank than me, (im a sergeant and he currently is sergeant too) but he was a captain in the dream, which is not even in our rank structure. i asked him how he accomplished such thing but he never gave me an answer, he only said something along the lines of some special forces detachment and he must have done something for it. but that was my assumption. the dream was very vivid, full colors, i remember names, faces and recognize some locations(afghanistan)