Traffic sign dream meanings

General Meanings:

The road sign shows the direction to which we should move in the everyday life. For example: a stop sign urges you to think where you have to steer and to control, so that everything goes well for you.

Psychological Meanings:

The instructions and the rules Signs (road signs): This dream symbol gives us instructions on how we have to behave in different situations. The sign of commandment or prohibition, this is an expression of your inner voice, which would like to lead you toward certainly the right way. On the other side, this dream symbol may show your superego and desire to dictate the rules.

* Please, see meaning of one-way street, street.

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  1. I had a dream that the entire back part of my home had been vandalized with spray paint, and there was a road sign in the middle of my backyard, but I can’t remember what it said. Just that it had the word “traffic” and “jail” on it. The sign had been vandalized too, and had been changed to say something about jail food. I remember trying to get my friend, (who also happened to be my ex-boyfriend) to show me how to record videos from his watch so that I could record all the graffiti before I washed it off. I woke up right as I started recording where my bedroom window was. This dream stands out to me just because it was so real and detailed. Which doesn’t happen to me very often. I’ve read that the graffiti on tall walls, that have been done by others, were people testing your boundaries, but I can’t find anything about the random road sign.