Train station dream meanings

General Meanings:

Train station stands for movement, which comes into development, or urges for more private activity. Our life train stands in dimly lit indoor track of the station . Such stations are important, they are the starting point for our various life because all life begins in the unconscious (the station is the unconscious). The dream of a station master often indicates personal authority that directs our fate and only we decide to travel because we do not take what we don’t want to. There are some other meanings and its depend on the circumstances:

  • To see the station then this denotes that a new phase of life begins in favorable way.
  • Being in a train station, this may be an indication of how surely you enter a new situation or a new project and you know what kind of expectations you may have.
  • To farewell from the station is understood simply, this often displays a separation of another person or past life, after this you have to reorient your life.
  • Go up and down in the station, shows that you are waiting for something that will trigger a change in your life, perhaps very important decision which may change your life.
  • Going out of the station may be as a warning of your unconscious, because you postpone the a decision which is very important.
  • In the dream the station master or the man with the red cap, which determines the departure of the trains usually represents the life circumstances that force a change in your life.

Psychological Meanings:

Time for Changes The unconscious sends you a sign that you not have to miss the right train. The station is a building which will bring something new in our life. Dreams about stations are very common. It does not matter whether it is flight or bus stations. In the dream, the station is always associated with situational or age-related changes of the dreamer.

Bad way It is very important for the dreamer if he is late or forgets the ticket or goes into the wrong train, this warns that the dreamer makes mistakes or chooses the wrong way. These circumstances almost always you have to take literally.

Spiritual Meanings:

The station announces changes in life or in interpersonal relationships.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good life if be in a train station – In a dream a train station shows unexpected visit, new businesses, new life, strength, fresh and positive decision;
  • Changes if see before you a station – The train is before you in your dream, this marks that you will have changes in your life;
  • Barriers if see the station, but the way is blocked – When the way to station is blocked then this dream denotes that you will have some obstacles but you will overcome them with cleaver move;
  • News if avenue in a train station – To see an avenue in the train station in your dream indicates that you will receive a very important message;
  • Solve problems if come from a station – The dream indicates that the immediate matters await their execution, you have to solve the problems and to find the decision;
  • Warning if see an empty station – In the dream you are standing in an empty station, then this is a sign that you have to be very careful;
  • Stagnation if station full of people – The station is full of people in your dream, then this is not so good sign, this marks that you will have stagnation in your business or personal life;
  • Not ready if station is built – The station is under construction and you need to search laboriously the right train in your dream, then this denotes that very important project is still in question, because there are lots of unanswered issues;
  • Missed opportunity if miss the train in the station – You are unlucky and not ready to accept changes and opportunities in your life. You will have to wait for a while.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • News if be in a station – You will receive a massage that may change your life. It also depends on what kind of message good or bad, so changes will be good or bad.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Unexpected person if see  a station – This dream indicates that you will have an unexpected visit;
  • Changes if be in a train station – In the dream you are in the station, then this announces that you will undertake a journey of you new life.

* Please, see meaning of station manager, train, plane.

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4 responses

  1. I don’t often recall dreams but this one is still vivid in my mind’s eye. I’ve settled down in a beautiful bright luxurious waiting area. I have luggage – maybe two or three pieces. I get up and walk into a cavernous bright terminal in search of the departure gate. I remember looking at a schedule of departures. I don’t know the destination. I’m a male but in this dream, I see myself as a female – very curious.

  2. I see in my dream that I’m sitting in a train that is standing at a station and one stranger (woman) standing on station platform coming towards the window where im sitting and advices me that I have to forget something and to follow some other

  3. That was in my childhood home. I was standing on the second floor balkon when my mother Jumped in from outside but somthing(maybe a book in 4cornershap)felled dawn outside and stood on its edges then my mother permitted me to go and get it but walking through the room to the door.My bro and sister were there eating also my dad… I was intercepted by my datr whom I pushed against the wall and left and w up.

  4. I came out of a main station,parrel to my left I took the step upwards and saw my ex girlfriend sitting dawn with a friend of her (a girl)befor us is the Kölner Dom church but standing befor her and looking direct in my eyes followed her girl and took my left. I however didnot felt much pain but instead turned,going back to the main station.. I w up.