Train dream meanings


The type of a vehicle, in which, during the trip you can see the view of areas through which you travel.


What do I want to see while I change my life?

General Meanings:

Personality and mental growth  The train in generally symbolizes the striving of personal development and professional success. The dream shows that the dreamer monitors the environment which may change his living conditions or personal growth. Beside, he mustn’t be afraid to contact with other people, because they can help him to get more knowledge and  improve his wisdom. There are some different explanations depending on the type of train:

  • TroublesIn the dream The freight train announces about problems and burdens around you;
  • Wise – The passengers train in a dream, is associated with mental and spiritual work;
  • More  powerTo dream model (toy) train indicates the wish to control and use more power of ruling your own life.

Psychological Meanings:

Sexual symbol For woman, the train in the dream is generally regarded as a sexual symbol, particularly when train drives into tunnel or out of it. For man, according to Freud, a train is analogous to the male penis.

Missed chance In the dream you missed a train, it is nothing else than a missed opportunity, it could be a love affair or some other convenient opportunity in private or professional life. This also may be the sign that you are not well prepared to enter the new phase of life.

Desire and Character The train in the dream, means that dreamer seeks and strives for develop and  success. It can also express the sociability and openness of a dreamer, because the travel on the train mostly is with many other people.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Knowledge If Rush to a train – You are dreaming that you hurry to the train, this indicates a lot of news that you will get and can use to improve your life conditions;
  • Failure If Missed a train- When you dream that despite of the haste you missed the train, this points that you want to achieve something impossible;
  • Farewell If Seeing trains – In your dream you see a lot of trains, then this announces a farewell and resignation of the current situation;
  • Trip If Traveling by train – When you are traveling with one, soon you will have a reason for a trip;
  • Concern If Traveling by a train without rails – When you dream that you glade with the train without rails, this means that you are concerned about something, which will go out without many problems;
  • Progress and Joy If Driving a train – You are driving a train in the dream, means good and fast progress which brings you joy;
  • Goal If Getting out of a train – In the dream you get out of the train, this shows you that  you will reach your destination and achieve aims;
  • Secret If Coming out of a tunnel – When you see the train is coming out of the tunnel, there is a secret about yourself or you will find out somebodies secrets;
  • Changes If Seeing freight train – You see a freight train in your dream, this is a sign of beneficial change;
  • Persistence If Sleeping in a train – This dream shows that your strive to accumulate money, this is determined by stubborn principles which you should control better;
  • Wrong way If Taking a wrong train – In the dream you took the wrong train, this points out that someone (or even you) has taken the wrong way or the wrong direction, you have to think about his (your) life and you may help him/her (or yourself) to find the right path;
  •  Unpleasant news If Attend a train disaster – When you attend a train disaster in the dream this announces that you will get bad news  from a distant friends.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • On the right way If Seeing yourself in a train – When you are dreaming that you are in the train, this dream symbolizes your life’s journey. This shows that you are on the write road of your life and head the right direction;
  •  Worries If Train accident – In the dream you see train accidents, this dream announces you about chaos and misunderstandings in your life. The way which you choose to reach your goals are not going on as you planned. This dream shows that you are lack of confidence to reach your goals and wishes.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Contradictions If Collide a train with a car – In the dream you see that the train collides with a car, this dream is a warning that your life aims is opposed with your belief;
  • Wrong way and help If Seeing injured people in the train – In the dream you see injured people after accident (that you know), this dream shows that they are on the wrong way of life and they need your help.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Dreaming train or traveling by train – To dream moving or standing train, this signifies that you will start a journey through knowledge and improvement of personality. The moving train marks that you are on the right way and moving straightly toward better life. This announces personality growth.

You are a driver of the train or control/play a model of a train in a dream – The dream shows that you control your life perfectly. You make everything methodically, all your steps are considered, you have all the aims how to reach your goals. You are the master of your life.

(Somebody you know or you) Travelling in the wrong train or wrong destination in a dream – The dream wants to warn you , that you you are moving in the wrong path of your life. You have to change the direction or help somebody else to come back to right way. You have to change your attitude or behavior if you want to come back to the right way. If you will not make changes this will bring lots of troubles and later this will be even harder to come back and to correct the mistakes.

To miss or lose a train in a dream – In the dream you have missed a train, announces that you have already missed your opportunity to reach your desires and goals. You have missed this because of your distrust of yourself, you are not self-confident, you think that you are not ready to accept changes or new opportunities. That is why you missed a train in the dream, you are afraid, but do not be afraid because this will change your life to better and you will improve your personality.

To dream train wreck, crash or accident in a dream – Such dream shows chaos in your life. The way you have chosen to reach your goals is the wrong and bad way. This will bring you lots of worries and troubles, losses. All your plans will be destroyed. Your beliefs and your way of reaching goals has crashed to each other. There is a conflict with your beliefs. Also the crash of a train warns about financial losses which will effect lots of people around you.

* Please, see meaning of auto station, railroad, travel, delay.

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  1. I had a dream yesterday about train.
    I missed the train when reached the station, not only me other 5 or 6 people also missed it…
    So then we all (me and others) decides to follow the train by walking on the railway track in the direction towards the train had gone because there was no another train that day to the destination where we want to go.
    While going through to the tracks we saw many trains going but very fast so we couldn’t catch them.
    But all the trains had only engine part not the bogis or compartment attach with it…

    We stopped at some places to rest or eat…
    Then proceed the journey.
    We went through many stations…
    This was time of summer…temperature at its peak. So hot….
    And finally in the middle of a isolated land we saw a train engine that was moving slowly so i signal the driver and he said, ” i can’t stop the train, get in fast another train is coming on this track”.
    So i got in and pull everybody one by one while train getting speed but one person left behind.
    He was a old man…
    Then i got up in morning.

  2. So, I was walking on a train track and went into the tunnel. I was walking for quite some time when all of a sudden I could hear the train whistling in the opposite direction. Without hesitation, I turned around and started running back the way I entered. I actually dropped my laptop that I broke a few weeks ago and saw it drop once more. I was about to pick it up again but stared it down as I ran for my life. I couldn’t see the train yet but I knew I was in for a long haul. I finally made it out of the tunnel and dove to the left watching the train pass by. It was for sure an adrenaline rush and I was scared shitless to say the least but I was surely glad to stay alive.
    I’ve been saving up for a more expensive laptop, a MacBook, to begin producing some music as a hobby. My old one was pretty shitty, just slow enough to do homework. I really wonder what this all means. Maybe nothing. But I’ve been working a labor intensive job that makes good money the last few weeks and will continue to do so for another month to earn more money. I have tough classes and have been sleeping little in order to keep my grades high for finals.
    To say the least, which I havent, it sure seems really significant. I wanna believe I’m doing things right. I mean shit, I outran the train and saw my old laptop fall on the tracks. Is that me letting go of it and pursuing my goal of buying a new one? To make music and fulfill my dream. Almost dying.
    Dont know if it’s a warning sign for disappointment or a motivation to go all in and pursue my goals. I can tell you this much, sitting on the floor watching that train roll by was relieving.

  3. I have seen that last night when l reached to the station with my father a train was was moving into its destination& slowly moving, so me & my father rushed to the train easily & get into it, and it was a passenger train, people were so happy to see both of us as we were safely get in. Then l saw there so many little child in they train & l was playing with them & my father was so happy to see my happiness. Afterthat l sat on seat. I don’t know where l was going but it was a happy journey. Will you please tell me in detail what does it mean?

  4. I was inside a bus with a few people I don’t really recognize. One of them was a local barber I know. And then we crossed a train that has been derailed and a lot of people were injured. They were crying and calling for help. When I tried to get down from the bus and help them. The passengers from the bus stopped me and called me mad. I was feeling so guilty. Then I saw us taking rest in a bus stop and I saw a flash, a vision kinda thing where I saw that the bus is going to be lit for no reason. It’s just gonna happen. I was just standing in front of it. Wondering. End of dream. What does it mean. I’m having these crazy nightmares for a few nights now. All of them different than the other one. I’m ill and in bed rest.

  5. I saw myself driving a train, and in one of the railway station one of the train which was travelling without an engine was coming towards our rail and in some time it got slow and my train went forward and after that I Jumped to the last compartment of my train and connected that train which was moving without an engine. What is the meaning of this dream? Please inform me.

  6. I dreamt that I was putting the first half of my luggage in the first wagon together with my mother. When I am about to board the other half (bag and winter jacket), the door closes and the train goes off even if I try to push the bottons for the doors to open. I feel in my dream that I cannot trust that my mother will take care of my luggage. I get very upset that the train left and seek up a woman who works there and explain that I could not get all my stuff on the train and that the train was standing there for too short amount of time, and usually I am really polite but in my dream I was rude to her (which I regretted when waking up) and then I asked her where the train left to and she had no idea how to read the train map over the destinations. Then I wake up. What does this mean?

  7. Can you guys help me out? I had this dream, and I couldn’t find a meaning of it anywhere, I think it’s one of a kind.

    Basically, me and my friend *let’s call her Ally* (used to be best friends, but not anymore. We still talk and everything but we just aren’t entitled best friends) we were on some train tracks, there were a good few, on the outskirts of a city, which I do not know the name of, and she was wearing a white knee length dress with simple straps and was also bare foot, for some reason, and she said “Let’s go!” in a fun kinda way and climbed the ladder of an oil tanker train. I followed her and we found this little tiny spot at the side of the train, it was this absolute tiny metal thingy sticking out of the side of the train, and we sat on it, and it was a little cramped, and there were no walls, or roof, it was just sticking out, and the edges of this tiny, sorry excuse of a platform, were a bit bent, tilting upwards, and the train ward moving, as it gained speed, Ally fell off, but didn’t get hurt, and I panicked, in my head I was like “Where is this train going? Ally just fell off! What do I do?” so I jump off as it went a tiny bit faster, and I ran along the pebbles on the ground as she stood up, once again unharmed, and I said “I’m not going anywhere without you.” and I wake up.

    Please, if you know anything about a dream similar like this, do reply, I’d appreciate it a lot! Thanks for taking the time to read this long, boring dream!

  8. I saw my self traveling in train in last bogi.with some one don’t know him we r only two in bogi .train stops some where and the person gets out of it to smoke.and train moves on.while chasing that person falls down and I trying to pull chain for him.a small puppy was seen in dream.and my cousin was hitting that puppy saying u go on I will stay here so I tried to pull chain.what is meaning of this dream

  9. my dream was that i saw my husband – for past few years we have been staying separate, court case going on, and in the train saw him moving out in the same compartment. what does this signify? much appreciate hearing from you, its interpretation.

    kind regards


  10. What if your on this train and it’s all going good but then you get off cause you have to go to the bathroom and you can’t finish in time to get back on the train in time before it leaves…then you wake up realizing you have to pee….badly.

    So I got off the train cause my physical self was like, “hey, I gotta pee, wake up!” So I would have still been on the train if I wouldn’t have needed to go you think? Lol, I know…that was funny. My dreams are always weird and / funny or dreams of other things I couldn’t even describe.

  11. Salaam to all. From last few years I repeatedly seeing dreams like I want to catch a train but couldn’t do so Or I am in the platform but train ran away like this or I am in a train and sometimes later I missed it. Dears after my 16days Daughters death the dream are not happen again.. As a belief to Allah(SWT) I think the all dreams are signed from Almighty for this Incident. “want to take but couldn’t, “

  12. I had a dream my husband, son and I were on a train with some other people to whom I have never met but we are moving some where. I walked around the train talking to a bunch of different people , then started panicking watching how fast the train was going . When I was able to move again we were off the train and I was asking my husband where we moved to but he wouldnt tell me . Then finally he told me and I just smiled at him and said hey we know at least some people here

  13. I dreamed that i was standing in the platform with my sister. But we missed the train we supposed to get on. We caught the other train but the trains have no rails. Also the train went really fast and reckless. Inside the train i was not sitting with mt sister, I was moving around and sitting in different seets each time the train stops in a station.
    What does this dream means?

  14. In my dream I saw thatI was traveling by a Metro Train. it was very fast. when reached to my destination, I saw the train was coming out breaking all the surroundings. people were shouting loudly to save their life. but those compartments were falling from top with bounces. I was running to a safe place to save my life. people were dying on the street as well as inside the train. at last I saw that a compartment was coming towards me by bouncing. I thought I will die right that moment. but just like a film the compartment passed over my head. many many people died but I was safe. I need the meaning urgently. anyone please just help me providing the dream meaning. I am very scared. thanks in advance.

  15. I was on a riding train it was moving fast speed but normal but the doors kept opening and people almost feel out I helped a preson to the doors closed but then they open again I was screaming get away from the doors.

  16. My ex-husband had a dream where we were traveling by train, he said he felt so happy like everything was the way it should be. I’m surprised because we’ve been divorced for 10 yrs now…. what does it mean?

  17. I was travelling with my kids n wife by train on the way I get down at a station for water n realise that the train left I am trying to catch the train by running behind and I got up

    This dream was @6 am what does this indicate

    • Originally, in a dream, if your trying to catch someone on a train, but are failing, then the person/people your trying to catch is/are soon going to die 🙁

  18. I’m traveling in a passenger train through a concrete tunnel, there a few strangers with me. The train is going too quickly and I know we are going to derail, once this has happened the train stays upright but hits a few walls before we come out into a building.

    I get off and the other people are with me, I can see the rear carriages still moving so I start trying to calculate where the train will end up so I can get all of us somewhere safe. I’m apprehensive not terrified.

  19. What does my dream mean?

    I was in a train station with my crush and we just kept look at each other. When the train came we both entered the train and while it was on the ride, I kept staring at my crush and while he was talking to his friend he was staring back too. Soon he left the train with his friend and I wanted to go with him but I remained in the train.

  20. I was jumping on trains (from train to train, while they were moving) with someone else, but I don’t know who, I didn’t see their face (but I think from seeing the body and clothes it was a male), anyways it didn’t scare me, I was happy.

  21. I rarely dream, but last night I had a dream. My ex bestfriend & I were riding on a train, I was seeing him off somewhere. The train ride seemed to be endless but we were talking nonstop , until 7:49 a.m when I got up because of my alarm clock. When I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep, I went back to the same dream. This time the train ride was still ongoing & finally we reached his destination. After we got off he tried giving me his number, but I was caught up into something in my bag & told him that if he needs me he has my number. He smiled and waved bye, & I was still standing there. After that I awoke.

  22. I’m preparing for online exam (GATE Exam in India). Yesterday night I saw a dream of travelling in train. While the train stopped in some station I went into platform and buy a water bottle. At that time the train started to move very fast, I ran behind the train but I could not able to capture it and fall down. At that moment the train stopped for a while and I have entered into the train. What does it mean ? Thanks in advance. And sorry for my Bad English.

    • I noticed that a lot of people have a dream where they stop at a station to get WATER but then the train starts moving and they try to catch it and either fail or get on. Strange…

  23. Ok, im married have have several children. Last night i had a dream there were train tacks that ran behind our house, real life they dont. I heard the crash got my kids out of the way in time. I dont recall anyone in the train. Though kept rewinding in my dream how close my kids were being hit and i pulled them off in enough time. Next in the dream i see where the track broke causing the wreck. Then last im trying to call the railroad people to buy my house and land….what the hec does this all mean?

    2 nights ago i had a dream my kids and i were at a xmas parade. My only son asked for my keys to my car, not even close to driving age. The parade was coming i told him to wait, he took off to the car. By the time i could cross i could not find him. Then i started yelling for him, and ex cons appear. I woke up freaking out i couldnt find my son. What hec does this crazy one mean?

  24. In my dream I was in taking the train. My twin flame kept telling me she had to take another girl to the train station. She kept going on about taking this girl to the train, how the train was a high-speed train, she described it is very fancy and high-speed, That the train was actually made by Mercedes. That this girl was getting on the train. Then I saw the train in my mind’s eye speeding towards me as I stood in front of it. I told her that I didn’t understand why she thought it was such a big deal if this train is Alexa retrain. It wasn’t as if she was riding on the train.

  25. Awesome, I had the dream about a moving train last night and I typed it in and came here. I felt the train was moving, but I was only searching for something throughout the compartments without knowing what it was. I was alone, but didn’t feel lonely at all. It was really vivid. Great finding out what your dream actually means.

  26. What does it mean if you try to enter the train and the doors close on you and you hold on outside as the train moves faster. I let go and jumped off to the ground??

  27. What does it mean whan you miss the exit??? I was on the train and was carried away and went too far from my destination. Then I tried to go back by bus, and was carried away again and I didn`t go back, I liked it there.

    • I’m not a dream expert, but I think your dream means that you were trying to reach a certain goal, but it didn’t work out for you and the journey led you to a different outcome, but you were happy with this outcome even though the one you wanted didn’t work out for you. I think this is is, not sure 🙂

  28. My dream was so real I woke up with teas and looked around to make sure I Was still in bed I dreamed that I was leaving a hospitL and jumped on the train my sister her husband her kids my mom my brother a cousin and my bf were all on and the train crashed we all go out but soon to be on another train as the train was driving we hit another train we got out and all I remember was seeing train crash over and over again I saw a man whom I didn’t recognize die in my dream all I remember was looking for my mom and not finding her that’s when I woke up with tears what can this dream mean?

  29. Hi,
    I had a dream that I was on a platform at a train station and then all these people started marching across the platform. One boy was marching right on the edge and he fell on the tracks. An older women and two younger children helped him up. The older women got up fine but the two younger children couldn’t get up. A man on the other side of the tracks was on a wheeled platform and started shouting at the boy and girl to get out of the way, a train was coming. They ran down the tracks as the train was coming but the sheer force of the train’s power pulled me onto the tracks. Then the dream stopped. I have had two nightmares in a row about trains. What does this mean?

  30. I had a dream, where i find my self inside of a train’s cabin and was going really fast towards a mountain and my cabin was the first one; first i was really scared but once the train was climbing the mountain, i realized i was driving it(like the cabin i was in, was the engine room or something),
    so i wasn’t scared any more, and then i drove the train to the top of the mountain where there was an beautiful and awesome lake and i was surprise about the lake cuz i wasn’t expecting it.It was a long way and it wasn’t easy:D but i drove it and when i was on the top of the mountain then i heard my family from far away talking and smiling (like they were at the end of the train the whole time) and then i got of the train and i was happy. Now i don’t know if it was a good sign this dream or bad, cuz first i was really scared before going on the mountain but then after i wasn’t scared any more. SO NOW should i go with the flow or should i take control? or both?!

  31. I had a dream that me and my boss are waiting for train and a freight train comes very fast my boss thrown his bicycle in freight train and hopped in the train leaving my bicycle on the station.i also hopped in the train but when I saw that my bicycle is left I jumped out of the train

  32. I along wid my few relatives were going somewhere to attend a function(dont know the function)… The train was almost full and had no space to sit and hence I and my cousin was stanidng… We both were standing at the gate and an unknown station arrived(dont remember the name but it wasnt an ordinary one)… The train dint stopped at many sations, but it did at dat station… We both got out so as to get our backs relAx… The train suddenly started and I was left at the station, the speedof train was unusual… I ran behind the train but was f no use… So after much running I decided to go back to d same station, but unfiortunately 2 of d cops started chasing, Here I was running again but this time I had a fall, and was unable to get up and was struggling… Those to cops came running, before I cud sense anything, I was wide awake…m

  33. I dreamt of a huge train getting wrecked while climbing a mountain. The train was being driven by children (a little girl and a little boy) and was full of children. This occurs two times. In the first accident, nobody survives. In the second accident many get injured and no death is witnessed. But the train travels without wrecking for the third time. What does this mean?

  34. OK so me my sis and my mom got on the train at 10 last night, and I fell asleep at like 12 on the train and I dreamt that this guy had a stroller and a baby in it, he was like on the yellow caution line and a train was coming, I told my sister about him and then I tried to stop him. He fell and then the train was like 3 inches from him and the baby. The only thing is, it was like I was him, I could see what he was seeing, but I new it was a guy somehow. Pleasse answer asap

  35. i have seen trains in my dreams from long time sometimes its seems three to four days continously, sometimes i am sittingcomfortably , sometimes running hard to get and sitting in train or missed or running behind the train.
    its been long time to see the trains in my dreams but still could not understand reason behind it even last night i missed the train.
    If you have any idea about my dreams, write a mail or resolve this problem.

  36. Idreamt that i was at a rail crossing. Trains were coming from all
    directions and there were no collisions. Every train stopped as if
    there were 4-way stops. I eventually woke up and was very confused about what the meaning for this dream was, as i have never had a dream about trains before.

  37. I am laying on my lounge in the middle of a country town along a railway line and everything is normal and happy. Kids and dogs are playing on and riding their bikes up the tracks then a dark colour freight train comes tearing through town on the tracks and the sky darkens and I get scared jump off my lounge and flee..What do you think this means?

  38. Hi

    I got a dream in which I had to catch a train @ 12.15pm and i cud not get the ticket print out till 1.14pm, and now I know I have missed the train..!! I could clearly remember the timings..they are still flashing in front of me with open eyes!! please advise

  39. Hi,
    i had a dream where myself and few friends were travelling in a train which gets stopped coz of some technical problem. Since the train takes a lot of time to get repaired, we all get down to have tea and fag. in all this time one of my friend sees the train leave and points to one direction., whereas i feel that the train has gone to another direction. Finally, since he’d seen first, we try to chase the train in that direction and end up in a place where the tracks are not used and a row of tents or houses are there. Since we missed the tran, i was soo angry and i woke up.. What does this mean?? Plz explain.

  40. I was coming from someone house but something told me look up and i was on horse on a old train track and black train was coming in front me. so i got off the track but when train pass by. I looked over i saw a family of white horse but two of baby was hurt but i was people trying help the horse but i couldn’t see none of their face.

  41. My husband and I were at a train station but we kept missing the train as well as the bus that also appeared. Eventually we headed for a taxi but never did get the taxi and I wasn’t sure where we were heading anyway!,

  42. So I went to drop off some laundry at the laundry or dry cleaners and grabbed my receipt early in the morning. then I went to somewhere in brooklyn perform spoken word at an event with my summer program, some of my friends came to watch me perform. After, I went with my friends to find this boy I thought was cute (this boy I started texting and hooking up with. He realized he wanted this girls so he asked to be friends so I severed ties) He was wearing a blue/white collared shirt. (colors) And he went in the train without me because I didn’t know where in the train he was and I believe he figured I stood him up. Later on, we are on the train together going to his house and the train exits a tunnel. Then I wake up O_O

  43. Hi
    i see m all alone on train in night, I was with my family in train bt somehow departed in train, or my train had an accident in the night or my train is captured by terrorists in the night, these are the dreams that i see most often, what does this mean.

  44. I was alone in the front seat of a horror train and suddenly, the train stopped inside a dark tunnel. Afterwards, the other end of the train hit me as if the both end of the train has been connected and formed a circle.

    Im expecting props men to scare me, like what happens in every horror train, but no one did approached. I just leaned until the whole ride was done.

  45. My Girl friend often sees that she is missing her train in dream, before meeting. dreams like this missing trains comes to her from long back before meeting me as well. what interpretation can be made from this? please help.

  46. My late husbad and I were standing on the platform. My late husband lightfootedly jumped on the carriage, leaving me behind. We didn’t have luggage with us and I do not know where we were destined to go. I just wasn’t quick enough to get onto 2 passing carriages. I wasn’t really worried. I knew the next train will depart in 20 minutes and hoped he will wait for me at the destination. I remember feeling a little annoyed with him not even taking my hand or making sure that I get on the train with him. I took out a bar of chocolate and started eating it. I clearly remember how I enjoyed the chocolate, actually one sealed and full bar and one quarter left over bar.

  47. Me and my girlfriend went to same place n 1 car, later she left first n an old style train; train crash/derail and was on it side, I run over its carts yelling looking for her, then she was safe n the ground asked me what R U doing, I jump down hugged her and said looking for U.
    what this dream means?