Tree trunk dream meanings

General Meanings:

Stability or a warning The dream symbol of tree trunk stands as a symbol of security and stability. The dream is not so good when the tree trunks are sawed off – then this has a meaning that your subconscious mind sends you a warning. The warning is to be very attentive with intrigues, also caution against too much optimism and false friends around you.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good sign if see a tree trunk – In the dream you see tree trunks or falling branches then this dream is auspicious omen, but only until they are not sawed off.

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  1. I saw a dream while I meditated, and I wonder what it means.

    There is a Marginata-looking tree, with three branches and newly springing brownish leaves in it, growing at my window. I suddenly notice there men climbed up on those, trying to cut the branches. But at a distance, then, I see from my window, that an older man has sawed off or chopped off the trunk of that tree. I think the tree falls. Some woman (who looks like my mum) comes to ask why he did that to a tree that belonged to someone else (another neighbour), but I don’t remember what he said in reply. Lots of people seem to have gathered around (near the walls of my home) to watch the whole thing, all concerned at what was happening.
    I remember looking out of the window in my dream, and thinking something on the lines of ‘Well! That’s that!”
    Please help me decipher this dream, if it may make sense to you. I look forward to hearing from you (for there are some issues I am trying to make sense of through this).