Umbilical cord dream meanings

General Meanings:

Fear of children which leave the nest Did you see the umbilical cord in the dream? Were there any problems? Did you allow it reluctantly? Perhaps this dream refers to adult children who leave their home, or some other elements which slip away from you in your life.

Psychological Meanings:

Courage to be free Umbilical cord means the wish to be free from inhibitions and outdated connections, just to make yourself independent. It is a sign of an inward courage.

* Please, see meaning of umbilical.

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  1. dreamt was by my sister in law ‘s place and was baby sitting this nice cute baby. what i can remember is that it was not my baby but i really loved the baby and felt so connected to was a tense but peaceful atmosphere.the other sister was busy preparing some food inthe kitchen when the other two sisters came to check the baby ‘s umbilical cord.i was so surprised because the baby seemed older to still have the U-cord,but to my surprise the baby still had the umbilical cord.They also found my prayer book in the baby’s blankets