Urine dream meanings


Releasing mostly from emotions; rage; shame about shown emotions.


Which feelings are clear for me? Who you want to piss off?

General Meanings:

Desire of relief The dream symbol of urine signifies that the dreamer suffers from the tension of his soul and urgently looks for relief. Urine can also symbolize sexual sensation.

Treatment Primitive people always uses urine as a cure and a remedy. Meanwhile, the urine is also attributed as healing effects.

Psychological Meanings:

Stress The urine as a dream symbol stands for sexual stress and desire of fertility in dreamer’s real life.

Wonderful life Drinking urine in the dream has a very positive and good meaning. This marks that the dreamer will have good health and property and satisfaction in his life. Also the urine may be a good sign of wealth. As feces the urine may bring you unexpected financial success.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Illness and rejection of friends if see someone’s else urine and smell it – This dream shows that you will have health problems. The smell of urine signifies that you will become uninteresting for your friends and also not acceptable because of your bad and unpleasant behavior;
  • Recovery if leave urine – You are dreaming that you leave an urine, this dream denotes the recovery of the health. Also this may show that you will facilitate an unpleasant situation at your home;
  • Get rid of bad things if bed is wet – You dream that your bed is wet because of urine, this is a sign that you haveĀ  to practice abstinence of drugs, medicine or alcohol;
  • Health if drink urine – In the dream you drink urine, this is a good sign that you will attain health;
  • Richness if see urine everywhere – In the dream you see urine everywhere this announces you wealth and prosperity;
  • Difficult situation if have urinary incontinence (enuresis) – If you have an urinary incontinence in your dream, this dream marks that you have really stressful situation in your life. You are confused, but you have to relax and only then you will find all the answers;
  • Happiness if see an urinal – In the dream you see an urinal, this denotes that soon you will have a lot of excitements at your home.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Losses if see urine – In the dream you see urine, this means that you will have some losses in your business;
  • Illness if see dull urine – You are dreaming that you see dull urine, then this is a bad sign that you have to take care of your health because the disease is near you;
  • Be more honest if see urine on the ground or street – You see urine on the street or on the ground, this indicates that you have to think of honesty;
  • Recovery if drink urine – You are drinking urine in the dream, this is a very good omen because you will recover from a disease;
  • Wrong attitude if spill urine – In the dream you spill urine, this dream shows you attitude to other people. You think others are fools and only you are the wisest;
  • Luck if step into urine – You tread/step into the urine, this means that you will have an unexpected luck;
  • Benefit if smell urine – In the dream you smell the urine, then this dream denotes that everything what you have lost you will get suddenly by a surprising profit;
  • New period if splash with urine – You are splashed with the urine, you can hope for quick happy news which are related with your new occupation or activities.

* Please, see meaning of excrement, body, feces, seed, saliva.

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  1. I dreamt urine was spurting through the floor..but firstly i stood on something wet and when i lifted the item, urine was spurti g out from a whole in my sitting room; which was a mess & cluttered
    What on earth does this mean?

  2. i want to under something. i dream that i saw urine on my dram. the same dream i was holding a baby and something was on my trout, i gave the baby to some one to hold for me. than i saw my mother with a bottle of urine, and she pur the urine on me. i wake up and i started spitting out flames from my trout. and I feel better. and i have been sick for days now. it means what pls

  3. i dreamt of so many young girls who hurriedly came out of the house to urinate on the compound, one of them started admiring me as i was going, then followed me got hold of my shirt.- Please tell me what this means!

  4. I dreamed my bladder was so full I was starting to leak and trying so hard to hold it in. I pounded on the bathroom door for my brother to come out. He was upset for kicking him out but let me in. I made it to the toilet and urine was rushing out. There was so much I had to flush while going and then go some more. The toilet was disgusting and dirty and the seat was up. My hands were holding me from falling in. It was gross but I couldn’t do anything about it because my urgency. It was so relieving to go Almost like sex but not sexual. What does this mean?

  5. I dreamt that my grandfather chased me down the hall and urinated on my hair until it was soaking wet. I was so upset because I had just gotten my hair done and I couldn’t find a towel to wash my hair.

  6. I had this dream where a boy urinates on my face, out of which some goes into my mouth as well. People who see this laugh at me, but I ignore them and move on.

    Please explain the meaning of this dream.

  7. I was sitting on my bike suddenly a lady with a baby in her hand passed in from of me I smiled at her then she came back and sat her daughter on my bike then that daughter pee on my bike

  8. kindly interpret. you dream that someone who doesnt like your gut comes knocking on your door and asking to. use your toilet. you looked surprised but you allow the person to use the place. waiting for your immediate response. thanks