Waboose Spirit Keeper of the North dream meanings

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


White Buffalo, acceptance, peace, strength, forgiveness, humility, end, top, gift of what we have learned on our journey through life, paradoxes.


The Medicine Waboose stands as the Spirit Keeper of the North.┬áThe north is the time of the winter, at night it is a transitional period in which we humans are either elders or newborn babies. Waboose communicate with the earth element, the mineral Alabaster. The animal – White Buffalo and the color is white.

General Meaning

Who you will be when you become an elder, as you were as a newborn.

Transcendent Meaning

Revelation of a gift; Understanding the paradoxes of life.

Please, see meaning of North,winter.

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  1. I had a dream that I was in an open field looking up a high hill. There stood an Indian Chief holding a spear in a colorful headdress. Above him was an eagle flying in circles around him. He wore white deer skin pants. It was snowing. I see him raise his spear as if pointing behind me. As i turned to look I see a white buffalo coming towards me. He was charging. along comes a white horse standing between us. The Chief throws the spear it lands next to me. He gestures to me as if to tell me to kill the buffalo. I grab the spear and the horse moves out of the way and stands behind me. As i raise the spear towards the buffalo he starts to charge. But I stop from throwing the spear and the buffalo is still charging. I stand there full of fear. But instead as soon as he ic close enough he stops and just looks me right in my eyes. I Turn to look at the chief on the hill and he crosses his arms and nods at me. He turns away and he is gone.