Wadding dream meanings

General Meanings:

To see the wadding in dreams, means that you need safety and approval, you want to get confirmation to do what you desire. The wadding provides protection and warmth.

Psychological Meanings:

Sometimes the wadding in the dream reflects our physical changes. Thus a wadding as a dream symbol may embody the fear of being fat or unattractive.

Spiritual Meanings:

The wadding is also a metaphor for the need for spiritual security.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if use wadding for quilting –  Use a lot of wadding for quilting in the dream stands as a sign that health problems can affect your weight in an alarming way you will lose weight;
  • Wealth if have wadding – You have wadding in your dream then you may expect growth of property.

* Please, see meaning of package .

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