Wade dream meanings

General Meanings:

If you wade somewhere in your dreams, then this can be caused of your feelings. The dreamer wades through water, then he/she has to deal with emotions in his real life in order to make calmness. Sometimes you can walk and realize how deep you are in the water and how to cope with external circumstances.

Psychological Meanings:

Ability to understand emotions Often the feeling when wading has important meaning as the action by itself. This dream feelings may give information about one’s self or your own emotions of particular situation.

Spiritual Meanings:

Spiritually the wading is a cleaning process, as it is also associated with baptism.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Pleasure if wading in clear water – You are wading in clear water in your dream, then you experience short but noble pleasures. Also this dream is a good sign for lovers;
  • Sorrow if wade into the muddy water – When you wade in the dirty and muddy water in your dream, then this announces that you will suffer from illness or grief. For new lovers this dream marks that soon will have disappointment;
  • Fortune if child wading – To see children are wading in clear water, then this is a sign of good luck, your desires will be successful.

* Please, see meaning of water.

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