Wagon dream meanings

General Meanings:

Today probably most of people dream of a car or other means of transport. The wagon is like an old symbol which stands as an indication that you use old and already deposited methods to test the situation and to find the solution. The rickshaw, which drives a man, warns that the dreamer shouldn’t use others in order to reach his own goals.

Psychological Meanings:

Loss or wealth Loads which are transported with wagons announce a successful and profitable business. But when they are empty, futile efforts and losses at work. When you lose something from a wagon, then this means that your financial resources are nearly exhausted or your efforts and energy is near the end.

Changes A moving van is associated with a change of our ego or a character features. A chariot as a dream symbol possibly represents basic needs which were changed by education and evolution of the world.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Changes conditions if moving wagon – In the dream you see a moving wagon then all your plans will carry out under different conditions than expected;
  • New plans if beautiful wagon – To dream of beautiful wagon then this means that you will have an acquaintance or an intercourse with a distinguished people which may bring new plans in your life;
  • Wasted efforts if miss a wagon – In the dream you miss a wagon then all your attempts to improve your position, will be thwarted with unexpected events;
  • Success if be in a wagon – In the dream you are in the wagon and you are moving then in near future you may expect success with interesting plans which will bring you satisfaction;
  • Wealth if carry goods or loads – In the wagon you carry goods or loads in your dream, then this dream denotes that with lots of work you will gain profit;
  • Loss of money if goods fall out – When the goods fall out of the wagon because of overloaded, then this dream is a sign that you will have loss of money;
  • Changes if transport furniture – To transport furniture with a wagon in your dream, then this dream announces a change in your life because you are moving toward this;
  • Respect if drive a wagon – To dream of driving a wagon by yourself then you will receive honors because of hard work;
  • Warning if see a donkey-drawn – The dream is a warning that you can be too much influenced by irresponsible people;
  • Joy if a wagon drawn by horses – The dream announces you happiness and satisfaction of your life when you see a wagon drawn by horses;
  • Strength if wagon pulled by people – The cart or a wagon is pulled by people then this dream denotes tat you will gain power to reach your goals.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Joy if sit in a wagon – You see yourself sitting in a wagon, then you will reach happiness and honor in your life;
  • Some matters if drive a wagon – Drive a wagon by yourself in the dream, then this means that you have urgent business or important matters in your life;
  • Fulfillment if see many wagons – To dream of many wagons in your dream then all your wishes will fulfill;
  • Need of changes if drop of the wagon – You drop of or fall out of the wagon then this dream is a sign that you have to change your plan if you want to reach something in your life;
  • Quarrels if goods fall out of a wagon – All your goods fall out of the wagon, then this indicates that an unfortunate decision will cause much concern and anxiety;
  • Happy family if see strollers – To dream of strollers then this  announces happy marriage and blessed children;
  • Fulfillment if see carriage with horses – The carriage with the horses in the dream will bring you fulfillment of our desires;
  • Luck if wagon is fraught and loaded – The dream is a sign of successful business and happy life.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Influence if see the imperial carriage – The dream where you see the imperial carriage marks that you will have the power make influence to various persons;
  • Fulfillment of wishes if carriage pulled by noble horses –  The dream will bring you joy and fulfillment of your hopes and desires because you work for this;
  • Disease if cart is broken – The cart is broken in your dream, then this may be that you will fall ill and suffer damage;
  • Success if pull by yourself – In the dream you pull yourself a wagon then this dream denotes that all your plans will succeed without lots of efforts and responsibility.

* Please, see meaning of car, team, truck, horse, travel, move.

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