Wake up dream meanings

General Meanings:

New life creation There is a sleep state in which the sleeping person recognizes that he is dreaming and wake up in the dream. First of all the dreamer should pay attention to certain events or circumstances. It is very important to see an important process and actions before and after woke up. Perhaps the unconscious sends you a sign that you have to “wake up” and to start living or creating the new phase of your life.

Psychological Meanings:

To wake up in the dream can mean that is allowed a time of sadness and solitude behind.

Spiritual Meanings:

Waking up is synonymous with consciousness.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Joy in life if dreaming waking up in the morning – This dream marks that you will have happiness and satisfaction, good news, good performing in your life;
  • Fury if wake up in the day – In the dream you wake up in the day, this dream denotes that you will have anger because of others;
  • No success if wake up in evening – You are dreaming that you wake up in the evening, this dream announces that your expectations will fail, because you have started everything too late.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • News if wake up in dream – This dream indicates that soon you will get something unexpected, but good news, this may change your life or attitude.

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  1. Hi! I dreamed that i woke up in the middle of a religious place (maybe a basilica) and i was a bit scare for waking up in a place like that. What is the meaning of this dream? Thank you!