Wash up dream meanings

General Meanings:

Who is busy in the dream with the washing-up the dishes, does not need to be anxious about the solution of small problems – soon your future is going to change in quite positive way.

Psychological Meanings:

Free yourself of bad feelings You want to get rid of any blemish and fault. Washing dishes in the sink points to the fact that you do not handle with the current situation so surely (wet dishes is know as slick and can slip out of the hands).

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Gain if do yourself -In the dream you are washing up the dishes, this announces you advantage and profit;
  • Joy if wash the items or clothes – This dream announces you pleasure and happiness in your life, because you wash off all the dirt in your life;
  • Worries if see stranger doing the washing up – In the dream you see that somebody else is doing the washing up, this signifies that you will have fear, anger, difficulties.

* Please, see meaning of dishes.

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