Waterfall dream meanings


The dramatic river; may be scary or extreme liberation.


Am I ready to jump, do I dare to jump into the water?

General Meanings:

A waterfall as a dream symbol has a fundamental importance as an orgasm. It can also symbolize an expression or an emotion that is strongly controlled in some way.

Psychological Meanings:

The waterfall as a dream symbol indicates any kind of emotions which reach a level of intensity and have to break or to overflow. The falling water may bring you success, development as a personality.

Spiritual Meanings:

A waterfall shows the dreamer that he is surrounded by a spiritual power and strenght that he has to exploit and to use.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Reach desires if see a waterfall – The dream of waterfall marks and remind us about our desires and intentions that we have to implement;
  • Good future if stand under waterfall – Your craziest wish will come true, you will have exceptional luck in the career.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Wiser person if see waterfall – The dream of waterfall marks that some severe disappointments will make you wiser. These experiences will make you stronger.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Some worries if see waterfall – The waterfall in the dream marks that you are located on an important decision, which is not clear. You will have some disappointment which will affect the emotional life.

* Please, see meaning of rapids, water.

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  1. i dream alot.some remain remembered some i dont remember.2-3 days back i saw my dead mother who died bed ridden,walking and staying with beatiful vitiew of waterfall,which i rem.get freeze after some time.if u can tell me what does it mean.pl.help