Weasel dream meanings


– In general dreaming of weasel: shows a fight with women;
– Also weasel in dream: watch out for such people, who want to offer their friendship without reason;
– To see prowling weasel: shall apply a warning of false friendly former enemies who want a break you;
– To kill one: the plans of the enemies will be able to thwart.

– Dreaming of weasel: you will get a lot of work.

– To catch weasel in dream: great business will bring material profit.

* Please, see also meanings of dreams about animals.

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  1. i was in my room and then a family of weasles ran in
    my home i tried to catch them and put them outside.everytime i put them out they come back in threw the door cracks.i thought i finally got them out but i see a baby in my room followed by a grown weasel i couldnt get them out and i went to a different dream a reacurring dream..what does this mean