Wedding ring dream meanings

General Meanings:

Making connection The wedding ring is a symbol to capture love. As a dream symbol a wedding ring provides a connection with eternity. The lost wedding ring may refer to marital problems. The dreamer finds a wedding ring, then this dream may be a sign that you have a possibility to create a relationship that may lead to a marriage.

Psychological Meanings:

Love The wedding ring symbolically represents dreamer desire to take vow and to make promises for loved one. The wedding ring worn on the finger, which is associated with the heart – the fourth finger of the right hand – is one of symbols.

Limits or separation In the dream the wedding ring stuck on another finger, this may be an indication that dreamer feels his wedding ring as a limitation. To lose a wedding ring in the dream may be a sign that the relationship will be over, this announces a separation.

Spiritual Meanings:

A wedding ring symbolizes the binding commitment, which means eternal love.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Divorce if remove a wedding ring – To remove your wedding ring from your finger in the dream, this may be a sign of the final separation.

* Please, see meaning of ring.

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