Wet nurse dream meanings

General Meanings:

Wish for a child For younger woman the dream of a wet nurse appears in the dream as a desire to have a child. Dream of a wet nurse who suckles a child, this announces that the project or work you do will develop successfully.

Psychological Meanings:

Repressed maternal instinct The wet nurse who suckles a child in the dream, this dream signifies restrained desire for own motherhood, fertility, because of fear or unreadiness to be mother. Also this may mean the fear of sexuality.

Trustful friends To see a wet nurse indicates that we have to trust and to use your fellows and rely their help in your real life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Sorrow and bad news if see as a child – In the dream you are a child and see a wet nurse, this denotes sorrow and grief, unpleasant events or news.
  • Pregnancy if see a wet nurse (for a young woman) – This dream indicates pregnancy or desire for mother luck;
  • Desire to have a child if see in action – In the dream to see suckling wet nurse, this marks imminent  need for child;
  • Success if see a suckling child – This dream will bring you great success in the current situation;
  • Good news if drink from their own breasts – You will get an unexpected success or pleasant news which will change your life to better;
  • Solving worries if be a wet nurse – In the dream you are a wet nurse, then this  means that you have to work on on your problems by yourself;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Invitation if see a wet nurse – When you are dreaming of a wet nurse, then this indicates that you will be invited for dinner with really important people. And this may give you an opportunity to show your talents;
  • Free man if be a wet nurse – This denotes that you are independent person.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Inconvenience if see a wet nurse – In the dream you see a wet nurse, this shows that you will experience discomfort in near future;
  • Take care of a child if be a wet nurse – This dream indicates that you will become a widow or you have to take care of little children;

* Please, see meaning of midwife.

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