Whirlwind & Whirlpool dream meanings

In general:

Both are associated with the vortex, which represents life and natural energy. Usually these two dreams are expressed as opposing energies and call the dreamer into awareness of the power which he dwells. The whirlwind symbolizes spiritual power and the whirlpool has a more emotional energy.


The dreamer may know that he has his life in his hand. But it comes before him as if he was caught in an endless circle of activities. This may seem counterproductive, but carries an immense energy.


On the spiritual level whirlwind or whirlpool is a symbol of creativity.


– Dreaming of whirlwind or whirlpool: unfavorable fate will be revealed.

* Please, see also meaning of tornado, storm or hurricane

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  1. I saw a shadow of an ancient cattle man following the whirlwind in my dream few days a go. I was told by the person beside me in that dream that the shadow is the spirit living in the whirlwind.

  2. Please help me in my dream.

    My dream last night.

    We are passing through a river, with my family members (just not sure who, just knew they were one of my family members, we are three). At first the river has no whirlpools but has strong current. We didnt have a problem passing through it. Then we walk by a church and had to find someone. After that, we had to go back to the church again after fiding that someone, so we had to ride in a boat. And then small whirlpools are all over the river. One of my famoly member told us its fine to go to the church directly because the whirlpools are too small to affect the boat but I told her no, it might drown the boat. The driver did not say anything and just maneuvered the boat as if he is already an expert, he turned the boat going up, he said we could not go through the whitlpool because it mught drown the boat and I told the one beside, “i told you”. As the driver maneuvered the boat going up, and as we made a U-turn going to the church, we had encountered a two blue monsters. So he maneuveed the boat going back but we were thrown out at the side of the river with the monsters at our feet. The driver told us not to move or breath because the monsters could not really see but they can only hear. So i stop myself but breathing and moving with fear. But i moved one foot. At this point, Im not sure if the monster was starting to suck one of my feet or not because I already woke up.

  3. Hello, I had a dream last night that I was jumping over whirlwinds. They were thin and sweeping unpredictably about the pavement of he street where I live. There was one, then two and then many. They were white fluffy, harmless whirlwinds. I felt danger at this point. I was trying to get my family back home. When I looked up to the sky – there were more whirlwinds sweeping across the street – and we were trying to run from them.
    Then the closer we got towards home, the sky ahead turned dark and dreary and it became very windy. All about me were people (friends) trying to get to safety and walking in the opposite direction to us. We were walking towards the winds. But my worry was that the storms would tear the homes apart. Ahead was a black sky, ominous and scary. In the distance, there were dozens of huge whirlwinds ahead – it looked like the end of the world.
    We eventually made it to our home (although it wasn’t really a house I was familiar with).We had to brace ourselves for the whirlwinds destruction. Then I woke up. I felt curious and I wasn’t afraid.

  4. Hi there, I was wondering if anybody could help me to figure out something that happened in a dream of mine not long ago. I am 25 now, I lost my mum when I was 17 through a volatile relationship with my step dad who neither me or my sibling had a good relationship with. I have never had any feeling of her visiting me before this dream. In my dream a whirlwind came from my living room to my bedside where I was asleep and my mum appeared sitting next to me, she apologised for leaving without saying goodbye, told me she was ok but however is still with my step father in the spirit world ( he passed a few years later) she apologised told me she loved me and simply disappeared in the whirlwind back through to the lounge. I woke in a state, crying, unable to make sense of what happened. I have never had another experience like this since, I hope someone can help me. Many thanks for reading

  5. A few days ago I had a dream. I remember feeling incredibly at peace & happy after I woke from it.
    I can’t remember 90% of the dream but the little part that I do remember is I was with my childhood friend & my younger sister, there was some sort of havoc going on outside; it was dark & dreary…& there were some screams; sort of like apocalypse. My friend, sister & I ran into a one-roomed house & just as we did there was a beautiful calm light that emerged & filled up the room, & immediately a voice was talking to me (can’t remember all it said but I believe it said “fear not it shall all come to pass”) & I looked outside & there was water everywhere (sort of how I imagine Noah from the Bible could’ve seen). There was a huge whirlwind with very pure clean-looking water that swirled outside & it swirled round the room we were in breaking down the walls & we were left with just the floor we were holding onto dear life on. And outside the sun came up revealing a very new “beginning”; the greenest trees were up, birds were chirping.
    And I woke up.
    Ever since I dreamt this dream I can’t seem to forget it & wonder what it means.

    Can anyone help interpret it? Thank you.

    • Hello, Carole Mads. In search for the meaning of a dream that I experienced I read about your dream. Immediately the interpretation was revealed to me. I don’t know your belief or faith but the Lord is trying to get your attention. This is a twofold interpretation. This is it. The flood may represent the many trials you’re facing or your feeling of being overwhelmed at work, school or emotionally, etc. It is the same meaning for the other two ladies too. God spoke to Job through a whirlwind (Job 38:1) and although you may not remember all that was said to you, the message will resurface again. Just ask the Lord to allow His message to be given to you. He will do it. That is the first interpretation. Next, in your dream you wrote “there was some sort of havoc going on outside; it was dark & dreary…& there were some screams; sort of like apocalypse.” I’m sure that during the time that Noah and his family was in the ark, people wreaking havoc as well. The condition of the sky revealed that a storm is coming. The voice that spoke “fear not it shall all come to pass” was the Lord establishing with you that a storm is coming that will produce a flood. “The huge whirlwind with very pure clean-looking water that swirled outside & it swirled round the room you all were in breaking down the walls & the three of you were left with just the floor and were holding onto dear life,” represents the presence of the Lord. He was breaking down your walls to show you that only he could protect you when situations seem out of control. He is God and there is nothing too hard for Him. The floor that you all were standing on represented a firm foundation (1 Timothy 6: 18-19). Get in touch with your childhood friend and your sister, you all need to become prayer partners. The Lord wants to use the three of you. There are many people whom the Lord chooses to live for him but they are called in different ways. Your way was through a vision of a tornado, a flood and more. The storm will not last long but you need to tell these two other ladies to let them know that you all ran for shelter but no matter where you go, God will find you. He is calling you and the two ladies to a higher purpose. Accept the call and don’t wait until it’s too late. Be encourage and I hope that this has helped you.

      • I really need help understanding this dream. I was on a bike with my fiance and we were going on a journey, suddenly he stopped to stare at another bike man who was being harrased by possibly thieves.I had to scream at him to move,telling him that the thieves may decide to also steal from us.he then moved and while on the expressway he suddenly moved to another path entirely filled with debris and bushes.I was surprised that he changed directions but I dint speak becos I thought he knew where he was going.after a little while I was forced to ask him if he was in control but surprisingly,he said no and I was like:why dint u say u lost control?what if u drive us into a pit then we both decided to jump out,leaving d bike to roll away.while we there,we later saw d guy who was robbed and asked him what was taken from him but shockingly he said they dint take any of his things but that it was my own properties they took.this surprised me because until then I dint know my phone and other things were missing.while I was searching myself to confirm,my fiance turned and entered a cab filled with people.I cudnt stop him but I tried.the people in the car were not happy with me with frowns on their face they told me off even when I was saying that I had no money on me and that I am lost,they drove off.shortly, there was a whirlwind which I managed to escape from.it carried another lady.alas, there came another smaller whirlwind which I was not able to escape.it entagled me and I was so scared in it because I dint know what would be my end.I must also state that d day way dark and there were strange beings at different places.some maybbe having just a head, some turned upside down looking scary. After a while,I was out of the whirlwind and I had this feeing in me saying: it is over. Later on I realised all the things allegedly stolen from me.some other part of the dream are inexplicable.pls I need some sort of interpretation.

        • I forgot to add that in the dream, at a point, I had an impaired vision. I could see people directly in front of me but I could not clearly see other persons not close to me.I could see their forms but could not make out their faces as if there was a mist covering my eyes. My fiance was the one in front of me and I saw him well.

      • I had a dream that I was standing in the center of a whirlwind/tornado. It was very thin initially. Then, it got very thick… Very white..and very tall. It was swirling around me rapidly. I could see garbage and debris swirling around me. I was lifted up, and I was holding on to something that I couldn’t see. I looked up to see two other women caught up in the whirlwind with me.(I didn’t know either of them). They were struggling to hold on.. The woman that was next to me, lost her grip. I reached out and grabbed her arm as she was falling. She looked up at me, and told me that I saved her life. Just as she finished speaking, the woman below me, lost her grip. As she began to fall, she reached up and grabbed on to me.
        Some other things happened after that that I can’t quite remember. But I recall someone “someones” trying to get us to the safety of Water. ( why they believed water was a safe place for us to fall, I don’t know). During this time, still caught up in the whirlwind, trying to get to safety… My father called me on a cell phone, to comfort me, and to talk me through the ordeal. I don’t remember what he said, but I remember the comfort that hearing his voice gave me.

  6. I am in a swimming pool when a competition has ended. I am helping out. At the end the children line up and one after another jump into the pool in sequence in a type of display. I am at one side and see the children at the other side. One after another 7 plunge into a whirl pool that has appeared at the opposite side of the pool at a far distance to me. Others are lined up behind and some with adults. It happens all too quickly to stop the 7 concerned.
    There was a feeling of celebration prior to the whirl pool into which the children were pulled and calmness. In my dream I felt that I knew the children and that none were my children but friends of one of my children, the age of one of the children, the last I helped into the pool , was 2. The pool itself was a combination of a competition pool and a leisure pool with rock formations protruding. The children jumped into the whirl pool that went downwards in a tunnel formation. That was the end of the dream and I did not see them or their bodies either being retrieved or their coming out of the whirl pool intact and was left with a feeling of a tragedy and that they had drowned. I felt in my dream as it dawned on me that they were plunging into a whirl pool that I held some element of guilt for assisting them into the pool in the first place although I did not know that a whirl pool would appear as it did.

  7. I had a dream that I was at seemed like a wedding party with friends I had not seen since school. We were going to a night club and it seemed too far to go. Me and my husband went back to the hotel. I looked out of the window and I saw a dark grey wind circling down towards a sea that looked like I was was iin Thailand then the energy of the wind got stronger, darker and pounded down on the sea at this this point the sea started to swirl into a whirlpool and then a huge explosion happened, the sea exploded up towards the sky and I knew that a huge explosion of air and debris were coming towards us so I told my husband to run downstairs in the hotel. The hotel was made up of terraces so we ran towards the bottom terrace. I saw two doormats on the floor and told my husband to cover himself to avoid the debris. Wham it hit us and I could feel all the debris hitting us. Whilst undercover we discussed that the children were safe as they were far away at the party. Then as the blast subsided I looked up to find that my husband was not there and missing. That was the end of the dream and obviously could not sleep afterwards.

    • Make sure your husband has substantial life insurance policy to take care of debts and to support you and the children. Sometimes these dreams may not take place until like 2 to 3 years down the road. I believe God prepares us for what may happen so we can be ready. Love him, take care him so you will have no regrets. Make sure he know’s the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior as well the family. Be Blessed.

  8. There were a series of events. One was that I Was At Home With my Sister And We were Looking Out The Window When A small Sandy Beach Images From Beyond Us. It Was Flowing Rapidly And Was Vet Small. Then, there Was A grey Whirlpool That had Very Wind. I Volunteered To jump Into It As There Were Others In It and It looked Enjoyable. My head was Facing the Direction the Others Were Coming In But The Wind blew my head in the opposite direction and somehow then sucked me into the whirlpool. I had a headache during the ride and there was a point wherw we went underwater and i could still breathe. The next part was that i walked in on my cousin having some kind of sexual relation with somebody else and on the verge of climax. Then tje next one was that i was in my hometown and i was washing the dishes and there werw friends in tjw room and my mother walked in and i cant remember what she said but i made me really angry and i threw the cloth onto the floor, straight ahead. I also had a fork in my hand and threw it then atopped mid air as it was about to leave my hand. I did this three times tjen pit ot neatly on the counter, left the room and i was suddenly in another room looking at myswlf in the mirror and watching myself cry. Then i woke up. Please help me with this. I am fiftteen years old and have googled some of the meanings and am quite scared because i am a bit into superstition and all of that stuff. If it helps at all i slept a few minutes afyer midnight as it is holidays here and i was a bit irritated because my dad came into the room and switches off the light and i do not like it when he twlls me what to do. I am also trying to change my life because i feel i have wasted my time ever aince i came to highschool aa i have not done anything and have lost all my confidence. I procrastinate a lot but now i feeam motivated but am just keeping it off.