Widow & Widower dream meanings


– Loneliness & Isolation.


– What part of me is isolated?

In general:

Dreaming of being a widow, can point to a loss and sadness. Sometimes a dream marked a change in the consciousness of a woman on the path of development for the wise old woman to use the associated freedom and the opportunity that’s inherent wisdom. Widow or widower often warns against retreat into memories and emotions, life needs to be more active.


We see ourselves so in the dream that has nothing to do with the loss of our partner, but with new, joyous impressions in our lifes. If we meet in a dream someone, who is widowed, we have good luck in the family, which is held together to form a community. Only dream, which contain many negative symbols (not only widow or widower), announce great loneliness and retirement. BUt the precise meaning of this dream may only be taken by looking into overall context. However, if a man dreams of a widow, could be a deeper understanding of the needs for a woman. Perhaps he realizes that he does not necessarily bring women into dependency on its own.


The widow in a dream symbolize female spiritual wisdom.


– In general widower or widow: points to unexpected joy and happiness and maybe announce lost of family in the distant future;
– To see or to be: you will not get rid of a nuisance;
– Also seeing of widow: bad people bring a lot of problems;
– To be widower in dream: indicates an illness of a wife;
– To talk to a widow: it is possible to wife by death;
– If a woman dreams that she is a widow: disloyalty of the husband.
– When a young woman dreams of being married to a widower: that means a lot of trouble with false lovers, but in the end she will be happily married with a decent partner.
– If a man is dreaming, that he marry a widow: important matter will be disappointing.

– Generally by ancient Egyptians: dreamer will be full of wealth and happiness;
– To be widower: you’ll soon feel very lonely;
– To see or to speak to widow or widower: you are attracted to some person.

– To see: your work will be crowned with success;
– To be: you must hope for new life, joy;
– To marry: you’ll make a rich inheritance.

* Please, see also meaning of dead, corpse, dead body, funeral and burial…

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  1. In my dream i see widow coming very frequently. The days i get widow in the dream there will be big fight between me and my husbsnd or i will be very low that day… Can anybody tell why should be reason?

  2. i dreamed that i was going to fuji for a flight, and my eyes were red, few people new my situation (according to my dream) some of them even told me to skip the flight because of what i had recently gone through, and when one of them asked me my marriage status, i said “widow”,,,, don’t know how he died or what happened…..

  3. I saw a black women looking at my widow i ask what she wants she say belong in this world she come time to time in my dream and there a spirit who been follow me everywhere I go I go left the spirit left I go right the spirit go right can u please explain it to me

  4. i have seen my grand mother(grand papa was expired)is doing my haldi rasam by curd or milk not by haldi n all,she is wearing white sari and i am also wearing white suit…. and also saw kangna plz tell me the meaning of this dream……

  5. I saw a dream in which imcontinuosly crying because my husband is dead n I’m talking to different people ,they r consing being but I’m crying crying n wishing I hope he’s alive