Wild boar dream meanings

General Meanings:

Courage, assertiveness and aggressiveness The meaning of wild boar is similar to pig meaning in the dream, but it warns more against ruthlessness. Because boars are the most unpredictable and aggressive animals (like enemies). They can attack and make damage for you when they have a chance. In ancient times the boars were symbols of courage and warrior. So this indicates your own honor. The ability to face with problems.

Protection Also the wild boar has a positive meaning. This can indicate protection and little success in difficult times in your life.

Psychological Meanings:

Wild elements You were attacked by a wild boar in the dream, warns that should be careful against a ruthless man in your environment. Of course, this dream symbol refers also to wild unrestrained driving forces and energies, that can cause trouble for you in interpersonal relationships.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Difficulties if dreaming of wild boar – This dream announces threats, but you will overcome these them with your own courage;
  • Aggressiveness if seeing a boar in front of you – In the dream you see a wild boar that stands in front of you, this shows that you are very aggressive and hothead, you are afraid of these features. You have to accept them and try to control, because they will make you lots of damage;
  • Stubbornness if being a boar – In the dream you are a wild boar, this shows that you are a pigheaded person. You do not listen to the others, you think that you are one of the cleverest persons in the whole world. You do not come to compromises and such behavior brings you worries.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Bad people if see wild boar – When you see a wild boar in the dream, this is a warning that you are making an acquaintance with bad people, who will make damage for you and your work;
  • Joy if eating wild boar meat – You are eating wild boar meat in the dream, signifies that you will enjoy a cheerful mood because of success in your life;
  • Defeated enemy if shoot a wild boar in a dream – Very good sign that you will make a dangerous enemy harmless.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Overcoming difficulties if dreaming of wild boar –  In general the wild boar means, that you will find trouble, but you will overcome the with your own courage and hard work.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Dreaming that you are (being) a wild boar – In the dream you are a wild boar, this shows that you are a pigheaded person. You do not listen to the others, you think that you are one of the cleverest persons in the whole world. You are repulsive person because of your attitude to others, that is why nobody wants to make any contacts or works with you. You do not come to compromises and such behavior brings you worries. You have to accept that other people may be right, if you want to be accepted in public life.

Being attacked, bitten followed by a wild boar in the dream – This dream shows that you are near worries and troubles. The people around you may want to make damage for you. Also this signifies that you are making acquaintance with bad and wrong people. This can be a warning against bad decisions or that your enemies try to destroy you and all your plans and goals. You have to be very attentive , because the boar is a symbol of honor and you will not let others to destroy you.

Dreaming /Seeing or meeting a wild boar, standing in front of you a wild boar in your dream – This dream marks that you are very aggressive and unpredictable person. This disturbs you to reach your goals. The positive meaning of boar symbol, shows that you are brave person. You are not afraid to stand in front of the worries.

Kill or seeing dead wild boar in the dream – In the dream you kill or see dead wild boar, this shows that you will get rid of all your worries. You will defeat all your enemies who wanted to make damage to you.

* Please, read dream meaning of pig.

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  1. What would does it mean when a wild boar licks your right hand?

    I literally felt it, I felt the slime and the thickness of its tongue to a point in which I woke up from it then washed my hands and did wudu.

  2. I dreamed a wild boar killed by people for the reason than they want to use a boar for the upcoming birthday. The boar trap and fly going infront and it seems its dying and want to stand up but his going to die

  3. I was fighting against so many wild boars
    To protect my family, i even killed one of them, and i found myself running somewhere, suddenly i saw group of people coming from the same direction i running, one of them waved hand to me as if person was telling me to come to them as they were also fighting against wild boar, so i joined them and the asked me to wear some kind of clothes that makes me look like leopard. And somehow we won the fight. I saw my family was safe.

  4. Today i had dream of wild bores , a wild bore bites my left hand iwas scared , near by my house there will be US army camp ,they will be struggling to hit it, they give their snippers i hit its skull blood gushes out . suddenly one comes inside camp i and a soldier cut its neck by hunting knife nice dream of adventure

  5. We were getting into my sister’s car. I was on the front passenger side and her daughter was getting into the backseat on the passenger side. I turned with my back facing my seat to get in and saw this big, muscular black boar with brown markings like a rotwilder. He charged my niece and I was screaming at her to get in the car and she wasn’t focusing, and she was moving at a snails pace. The boar gored her in her lower limbs. She fell to the ground after the first attack and dropped whatever it was she was holding and trying to put into the car. She attempted to get up and retrieve the fallen items and the boar attacked her again. By this time, her mom had come around to her as the boar was attacking a third time. She grabbed him (the boar ) from behind by his tusks and threw him away from her and she ran. I was by then getting into my seat to close the door and he charged me. As I was closing the door, his head made contact with the door and I woke screaming and shaking with fear!

    Someone please tell me what it means!!!

  6. I dreamed my (grown) daughter (who I miss dearly and haven’t seen in 6 years) was asleep in her room and I had just went into mine when a huge boar ran in the house and stopped at the doorway of my sleeping daughters bedroom door. I was scared for her, so I made noises and called out to the boar to come my way to divert it from my daughter so she could get away. The boar heard me and ran towards my door, and just as he reached it, I slammed the door and could hear it scratching at it. Then I woke up. What in the world does that mean?

  7. I dreamt I went to a deserted place where I saw my friends get up from a small cliff. My friends told me someone I know was hurt but we have to find help deep in the deserted place. Beyond our journey was a trail in the middle of a thorny area but we made it through without harm. And then I saw a wild boar gravesite and a gravesite of a small child. I felt scared but something prompt me to move forward. Until a scary looking, wild and old man was on a motorcycle came towards me and my friends and trapped us in a car. The old man told us to take cover while the deadly pig started to try to attack us. Later on it turned into a piggy looking woman who tried to attack me but failed because I was shut in a car, safe. Later on I heard a southern accent come out of my mouth talking about the pig on the poster

  8. In the dream I was with my daughter inlaw in a room there was a agitated boar with us , she said it needed to be calmed down and walked out of the room it was then that the boar turned and faced me . I felt nothing towards the boar and didn’t want to calm it down it was then that it bite and break my arm , at that point I woke up .not tired but refreshed at around 2:30 am! This concerns me deeply

  9. I was playing in my living room with a young boar in my dream. I was laughing and running around with it.
    Can anyone tell me what this means?

    I decided to breakup with my bf cuz he doesn’t treat me well. I had this dream few days after I decided.

  10. I had a dream where every I went I heard wild boar never seen it I even changed my dream to seek it out nothing was found I woke up and went bk to sleep and once again I heard it what does the sound mean not just the boar it self never seen it but it was loud and clear it felt as it rumbles inside my self

  11. I keep having this re occurring dream of this mean vicious angry boar. The first night i dreamt of it I was cleaning out my attack and he was hiding up in my attack. Turning my head I saw his vicious self and freaked out. That dream ended. It’s now the second night having the dream about the wild boar and I this one was terrible. The wild boar broke free of my attic before animal control came and he was roaming around in my yard as my mom brother and I had a picnic. We ignored him hoping animal control would come fast. My phone rang, the music it emitted was loud, this caused the wild boar to go hay wire. My family and I jumped up and onto benches and fences trying to get as far up and away as possible. The boar calmed down but we were so afraid to move. We stayed on the fences and benches. The boar must have been strategizing because the next second he was just strolling and then he jumped up and took a huge chunk of my mothers arm. It was terrible. With that said I jumped out of my sleep. If I sleep again I am scared I will see the boar and the horrible moment. Oh how I want him dead.

  12. So in my dream I was in high school all over again. With my two very good friends I had back then. But it was dark and really cold. Snowing. We were walking home and out of a bush a boar come out. We started running away….it didn’t chase us but I could hear it. I have never ever had a dream of this before. All I know is I was scared out of my mind. I woke up pretty terrified which is weird. I’m not scared of boars. What does this mean?

  13. I dreamt that we were eating outside around trees at a table. I or someone spotted a animal in a tree, at first it was a striped animal with big circle eyes, and a long tail like a monkey. I think it was a lemur? Then the animal came down and I said no it’s a boar and it was. We thought it was going to attack, but actually it came right to me and hugged me. What does this mean?

  14. Had a dream last night that me and my good friend were going to U.B.C. to further our education. But the city had more hills, almost like San Fransisco. But there was a heard of about 8 wild boars. I at no time had a threatened or frightened feeling. Quite the opposite actually. But they were running through the streets, and I was chasing them trying to keep them from being hit by a car. They slowly all seperated until their was just one in a small parking lot on a hill. I walked over to it and then woke up. It was a very vivid dream. No idea what any of it means, if anything.

  15. Dreamt I was flying, soaring above the ground and when I landed a wild hog (boar) started chasing me. He was very small, white, and dirty. From his shoulders up to his snout and tusk, he was furry; from the shoulder blades to his curly short tail he was smooth. He chased me viscously and I took off for the air. After awhile, I landed again and he gave chase, when I took off, he would go on about his business. This pattern went on for some time. Upon my final descent, I decided to come close to the ground without landing and he saw me, gave chase jumped up and bit my right hand. I woke up.

  16. I had a dream where i was entering a Hindu temple. The head of wild boar had been an offering to the God. And rest of the meat had been cooked and some people were eating it.

    This dream repeats in my mind almost every nights.

    Can anyone interpret it for me?

  17. I had a dream that I was waslking down the street where i grew up and I saw a domesticated pig walking down the road. Behind the domesticated pig came a wild boar which was about the same size as the pig. The boar used it’s horns to stab the pig in the neck and killed it. Afterwards it came after my dog in which I called after it to divert it to come towards me. The wild boar then came towards me and I thought it would be no problem but it took me down and almost killed me and then I woke up.

  18. I had a few boar dreams my recent one was me and my friends were walking outdoors in a swap/Forrest environment. But I had to go pee so I separated from the group and went by this tree and I see this huge python and I decide to not pee thier. But as I continue to try to find a place to pee theirs python snakes everywhere. Until I finally find a place (a small patch of land) but as I start to pee I hear somthing charge at me and its a wild boar. I immediately stop peeing and run. Note that theirs still pythons everywhere on the ground and my running around eventually attracts two more boars. So I’m running from three boars and avoiding stepping on a pythons. I eventually decide to run into this other herd of boars in hope that the new herd of boars will distract the ones that are chasing me and my plan worked. And I find my friends and continue the dream.

  19. i had a dream where this boar was after my friends, so i yelled and it came at me. i pulled out my butterfly knife (same one i have in real life) and stabbed it once in the snout.. then stomped on its face until it was dead.. what does this mean?

  20. I had a dream that I was walking at night at my old public school(Terry Fox P.S. In Toronto).I would say it was around 3-4 am. I walked around the back of the school when I saw a shadow of a person chasing me. I ran back to the front of the school and hid across from the street. I then saw two black cars rolling out of the parking lot looking for me. They left and I hurry and ran to this street called Belinda Square. I manage to escape and made my way to warden and bamburgh circle, that’s when I saw a giant boar the size of a car with two other small boars chasing me. I then panicked and climbed over the wooden fence on my right and landed into someone’s shed. That’s when I can hear the giant boar outside the shed and ready to charge! That’s when I woke up. Very weird dream.

    • I also had a dream that occurred in front of my childhood school, Washington elementary, I was walking to my grandmothers house about 3 to 4 am, I heard something large running at full speed down the street towards me. When I saw the silhouette of what was coming, it was big, and I saw the light glare off of its large white tusks. I braced myself, and while it was attacking, I quickly grabbed its tusks with both of my hands, it’s large teeth snapping together in front of my face. I didn’t know what to do, and the animal was very powerful, so I couldn’t let go of the tusks to get away, and I couldn’t free my hands to fight it. I woke up still holding on to the boar’s tusks. It seemed like a stalemate, I couldn’t let go, or I know the boar would have gored, and bit me, or worse

  21. i had a dream that me and a couple of people (all were girls in gowns) were running around one tiny tree. we were in a field and it was huge. all of a sudden, a wild boar starts to run towards another group of girls. then my group starts to run but i get caught on a tiny hill cliff thingy. its two feet off the ground though. so i just sit there and hope the boar doesn’t find me. but it does. when it runs towards me, it stays there. i dont move or breathe because i was afraid it would hurt me. then it starts licking my face. finally i wake up.

    i was scared out of my mind o_o

  22. i recently have been having this repetitive dream that clowns are coming after me.. me , my boyfriend , and my friends are trying to get away. These clowns however get closer to catching me. in one scenerio of my dream the clowns chased us to a house. the clowns were outside banging on the door , one of my friends opens the door and a clown throws in a wild boars head into the house that lands on my feet.. i instantly wake up…….

    i know weird dream… should i be worried??

  23. cute little brown wild boars, the size of beagles, with tusks running by in front of me, right to left. I am a bit concerned as i hear they will attack but treat them like dogs, petting and talking to them as they rush by stopping occassionally to snuffly my hand

  24. I dreampt I left my old boyfriend +went for a walk about, I walked thru a path lined by a fence with forest to the right of me, I saw 2 young adult wild boars, black with wirey hair, I climbed up the fence+the boar was jumping up to get me, I grabed its mouth, twisted it+broke its jaw which killed it, I kept it draped over the fence, the second boar jumped up + I used the first boar’s broken jaw to bte into the second boars mouth killing both. I did get bit with their teet, that went thru my fingures. I remember looking at my fingure + seeing the tooth mark pierce my fingure, so I broke I went for the jaw when it jumped up + I remember It hurt to grab it right at the mouth the teeth were painful when I aplied force to twist the mouth + brake its jaw. Then I was sudenly at my ex’s restraunt the boars were prepared, + on the serving tables. I didn’t care to eat them, their was conversation how good they taste + ways to prepare dishes of them. I was indiffrent, + I think I was leaving. -then I woke up-

  25. I was standing on a platform with a woman (named Rebecca or Roberta) and 2 children. I saw the boars come out from underneath the platform, I looked at the woman and asked her if the boars could climb up the wall, or walk up the steps, just then one of the boars walked up the stairs, I felt threatened and poured my coffee on the boars head and was yelling at the woman for putting me harms way…the boar never did attack anyone and then I woke up.

  26. I dreamt I was in a house, a room with other people, we had been hired to do some hunting for a rich lady, we had green and white darts. There was a wood paneled room where we went and a huge wild boar was trying to get in the window. It was so big, It looked like a huge buffalo from its back and thats what I thought it was as its head was slung low with only its huge raggedy brown back and huge spine visible as it approached the window and I thought it was a bison. Someone had left the window ajar and it raised its boar head and with its huge tusks it opened the window and stuck in its head. I yelled for someone to shut the window who was better equipped as I did not have my weapon and yelling at them for leaving the window open. But no one would do anything. Somehow I managed to stop it by forcing the window shut. I was terrified that it had gotten its head in but relieved when I shut and locked the window.

    • I dreamed the same dream, except the boar was trying to come through the screen in the door and once I closed the back door, they will still pushing against it with such force, I didn’t know just how long I would be able to hold against the closed main door, I tried poking the snout with a broom and pouring salt down it there, but it wasn’t helping, it made them angrier, I never got control of them.