Wind dream meanings


– Excitation & sensorial over stimulation.


– Where in my life I am looking for suggestions? Where do I feel overwhelmed?

In general:

Wind is a dream symbol of intellect. The interpretation of dreams depends primarily on the strength of the wind. Dreaming of sunny day with a gentle breeze suggests ease and pleasure. New idea or a plan stimulating this kind of dreaming activity. A storm could stand for a principle for which the dreamer feels passionate, while a north wind is perhaps the threat to his safety. Wind embodies spiritual and psychological forces – affect the lives – sometimes unconsciously. If wind comes from behind, then promises rapid progress, but if wind is from the front, then it indicates barriers.


The wind was among many nations as a breath of the earth. In it was seen the work of higher forces. The wind often changes very quickly its direction and strength. As a dream symbol it stands for the instability and volatility. In the dream, the wind is a natural event. Wind is a sign of strong energy. But even if the wind stands, it indicates strong spiritual energy. But if in a dream is a raging storm, this may be an indication of violence. The dream of wind usually brings fresh air into our personal affairs and relationships. It drives our ship of life (our spiritual engine) that moves us to action, the additional energy releases, so that we can reach an ambitious goal quickly, which is more easily if it is a tailwind. Softly whispering wind can get us in a more stable path. On the psychological level the wind announces to a new and deeper consciousness. In the Bible announces the Holy Spirit as a rushing, mighty wind, so strong wind can also stand in the dream of a revelation.


The wind in a dream symbolizes the power of the mind and the motion of the life.


– Dreaming of wind in general: intellectual energy discharge & promises good news;
– The winds are interpreted according to the direction from which they blow;
– Oncoming wind: imminent worries, brings inhibitions of any kind;
– Tailwind: success of operations & good progress;
– To see something is fluttering: announces news;
– If wind is gentle or melancholich: you will receive bereavement by a large fortune;
– Dreaming of a violent blast of wind: announce disappointing business;
– To hear the wind whistle: alienate a person whose life is meaningless without you;
– Fast counter by a fresh wind: you will resist temptation and courageously pursue happiness with great determination;
– If the wind blows a forward against your wish: promises professional failures and disappointments in love;
– Blowing in the right direction: you will find unexpected and helpful allies, or have a natural advantage over a rival or competitor;

– Dreaming of strong wind blows at your back: you will find at any time with the government support and kindness;
– But if the wind blows in the face and prevents you from walking: it means opposite – you’ll not get any support from government;
– To dream, that strong wind harms crops: predicts the land, in which the wind blows, plague and disease;
– If in winter blows a warm wind: we interpret this as a harbinger rich harvest of the country, but if it is a cold and biting wind – close to the contrary.
– Accordingly, it will bring the blessing to country, when in summer a cool wind blows, if not – damage.
– To listen how wind buzzing: unpleasant things will touch you;
– If you are forced by wind: you will come forward easily in life.

– Dreaming that a strong wind lift up and carry him from place to place: he will make a long journey and gain as much power as the wind was favorable to him and beneficial;
– If a wind showered with dust, without damage to his eyes: he will get what it wants;
– But if the dust reduces his vision: he will have sorrow and fear of the authorities, his faith will be as weak as his eyes darkened.
– If the wind brings cold: means poverty and seizure of their property;
– To hear wind: do not watch on the empty promises.

* Please, read dream meaning of power, force, hurricane and storm.

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  1. I had a dream of storming wind,in front of me I could behold this storming wind very strong cleared and clearing everything including grass and trees , clearing the ground or earth surface without living anything,then I saw maybe three or four people rushing into a building at my right hand but it was a throw stone to where I was standing.But to my surprised nothing scared me ,every action and reaction of this storming wind interested and surprised me,even amazing me.Please what all these connote?

  2. I had a dream last night, we were in a field and all cars were in rows, we were just sitting at a bench when the high harsh winds started. It was lifting up cars and killing people, someone told me to “duck”, I saw this car come flying towards me in mid air so I ducked and it went over my head, after a while me and my nans dog crawled to an alley for protection. There was a bus shelter with a man sitting there he wore all black with a black hood, but he didn’t say anything. I don’t really know what this dream could mean.

    • I think this is helpful l had a dream i was wearing like white shirt but i saw myself been lifted by a strong wind i was lifted from my back though with my shirt the wind blow under my shirt from back and lifted me higher that i saw lots of house and their roof top but later land without any injury

  3. I had a false awakening dream where I woke up, and there was wind inside my room. It was swirling about everywhere and was colorful. The WIND ITSELF had tons of colors. It was a strong wind but it didn’t bring any damage. It’s almost as if everything was put in slow motion. But none of the descriptions match this and every time I try to Google it I get Pocahontas songs. It’s pretty frustrating.

  4. I had a wierd dream last night. I was at the seaside with family and friends and sundennly a storm came. A liitle tsunami came and i was holding a bridge then a stron wind came and made me and the bridge fly away into the sea water, i remember i felt a cold feeling. My family was very scared. I drag wuth a big force me and the bridge then i came back safe and i run away .
    Wierd dream uh?

  5. I had a dream about Mahatma Ghandi. He touched my left temple and it felt extremely cold. Right after doing so, a mighty strong wind rushed toward me from the front as Mahatma and other spirits watced observing my reaction. I stood firm against the force of the wind. I did not sway, stumbled nor fall.

  6. Normally if a dream happens 3 times something last time was about fire and the 3 time i drempt and in my dream i lost dogs and only the things that ment alot to me i couldnt save 2months later the garage burnt down a month later the dog died of cancer.. Please help me with this one the first dream i woke up hanging on to the bed couldnt yell or open eyes just woke up to find me holding the bed head cause the wind was so so so strong and last night the same but it stopped cause i keept telling myself it will stop soon.. I no if it happens again something will happen… What does this mean?

  7. I had a dream that I was driving with 2 kids in the back seat,
    I was on a wide open interstate, I’m driving all the sudden the wind slows down my car than
    tosses it in the middle grass area, I tried to take off again and it tossed the car again in the center. The wind was so powerful that I saw the entire interstate ground lift up and tossed over.
    Their was nothing under the ground just blackness. Very scary dream.

  8. Right before my wind storm came I was in my house fighting with some lady whom I did not know, she was very aggressive but I was trying my hardest to keep her pinned to the floor with a wood chair. She made a slight movement. Causng the chair to poke a hole in her neck. She calmed down and I called the police b.c I thought she was going to die, I was frantic and I kept getting busy tones when I called 911. Finally a couple of my friends showed up but I was upset b.c they were ready to party but they clearly wernt paying attention to the fact that this lady had a hole in her neck and the fear in my eyes. Time passes and were all looking out the wind watch the tree wave back and forth by the powerful wind. It was late at night and we were all waiting for the world to end. Idk how we knew the world was about to end but we all felt it so wsoall stared over the horizon looking for the tsunami wave. I’ve never dreamt of anything so powerful!

  9. Dreamt i was walking through the yard of a highschool which in the dream i seemed to have once attended. Twice a sudden wind blew changing direction quickly i battled to keep my skirt down. I was laughing about it and only a bit embarassed. Next i was floating sometimes walking.

  10. Night after night I have a dream of me running through a maze of door after door almost never ending. i know I am looking for someone or thing but I am never really sure what or who. Finally at the last door and immediately an old woman is on the threshold with all black eyes (no pupils, irises, or whites) it looks like shes about to tell me something then a wind comes around her like some strong shield pushing me away violently. This has been happening for over a month now. Can someone tell me what is going on?

  11. I dreamt I was dreaming about the wind, almost like Pocahontas in the Disney movie… it was similar to that in appearance, and it was swirling all around me… everything was enveloped by the swirling wind with the colorful leaves. I couldn’t see anything else in the dream, except the wind.