Windmill dream meanings


The power of movement & Stimulating force.


What thoughts make me to move forwar?

General Meanings:

Intellectual abilities As a dream symbol a windmill may represent the proper use of resources. The wind symbolizes the mind, then the windmill symbolizes the proper use of intellectual abilities.

Psychological Meanings:

The windmill is an image for the harvest and the fruits of human work. Also it is a storage for seeds, windmill in dream can represent the female or the mother.

Spiritual Meanings:

The windmill represents many aspects of the spiritual intellect, which was learned through your own spiritual powers stimulation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Some money if see windmill – Dreaming of windmill announces unsafe conditions and also some profit, but only small one;
  • Wealth if working windmill – In the dream you see a windmill with rotating wings then it is a sign of growing wealth and satisfaction;
  • Ability to avoid worries if windmill is defective or standing still – The broken windmill in the dream is a sign which indicates unexpected separation that is really needed in order to avoid huge troubles;
  • Love troubles if be covered by wings of windmill or a mill wheel – Then this dream announces a serious consequences in love affair.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Hard work if see windmill – Windmill in the dream means that only through hard work you can and you will achieve much in your life.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Stay aside if see two windmills – You are dreaming that you see two windmills then soon you will be involved in the conflict between two people, you should seek not to take any part of them;
  • Good work if working windmill – The windmill is working in the dream then this means that you’re a workaholic and a good advancement is waiting for you in the workplace;
  • Too lazy if windmill is still – Dreaming of windmill, which is standing still then this marks that you’re lazy – stagnation in the transactions.

* Please, see also meaning of mill.

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