Wine glasses dream meanings


Fun & Pleasure; Happy & Fortunate.

General Meanings:

Joyful life Dreaming of wineglass (or glasses of wine) indicates great times, happy and funny days. Also glass of wine may be symbol of a pregnancy.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good omen if dreaming wine glass – Very good sign about upcoming happy news which will change your life into better;
  • Disappointment¬†if seeing an empty wine glass – You are dreaming that you see an empty glass of wine, signifies that you do not let yourself to participate in a pleasure, also announces disappointment, because you haven’t completed something what was very important. That is why you can not enjoy pleasure;
  • Old age if break into pieces or destroy wine glass – This dream marks and promises you a long and prosperous life;
  • Happy family if seeing or you are breaking down glass of wine – This dream shows that you will find in a person that you were looking for (your soul mate), and together you will be happy whole your life.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Sickness if see broken wine glass in a dream – This signifies that death or serious illness may occur soon in your family;
  • Richness if seeing beautifully polished wine glass or glasses – Very good sign which announces wealth.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Chance to avoid worries if break wine glass in a dream – You may have a huge misfortune, but there is chances to avoid it. Now it is time for you to be very attentive with all your works.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Dreaming damaged, broken or destroyed glass of wine in the dream – These dream symbols may have different interpretation. This can signify about destroyed desires and wishes, because of your own fault. The other meaning may be that you have destroyed and broken your past and now you start to live perfect, prosperous life. You have overcome all the barriers that were in your life.

Drinking wine from the glass in the dream¬†– This symbol signifies that you will get good and happy news. This dream appears when the dreamer’s life is full of joy, happiness. This indicates feast, satisfaction and relaxation. You are happy and glad about your life how it is going now.

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7 responses

  1. I dreamt a crystal clean wine glass was placed on a table napkin and I dragged gentle carefully until I got it neatly broken into 2 equal parts without any pieces. In the dream I was fasinated with the perfection at which it got divided into two with perfection. Please what does this mean or signify?

  2. Dreamt as if I’m packing all my crystal wine glasses from my parents home to my house. Inside the box there was a very tall glass which made it impossible for me to close the box until I bent it and to my surprise it looked like hard plastic. Please tell me what’s it says

  3. I had a dream,Me and young brothers brother visiting our country President I was acting like my brothers bodygurd intering Presisident barplace where the president gave me two glass of wine to drink wherest strolling at his place what does it means?

  4. Can someone help me interpret my dream. I had a dream that some woman was holding a glass of red wine but after I focused on it she kinda disappeared and it was just me and the wine. There was also like a farmers market of grapes and candy and honey. Now dreaming about a glass of red wine is bad luck I’ve read, any confirmations to that? Can anyone help me interpret this dream. I know it means something like a warning but I cannot figured it out.

  5. can someone help me interpret the dream i had..before anything..i am opening a bar this coming months..anyway..i was drinking wine last night from one of the wine glasses i bought for the bar ten i fell my dreams i was checking the wine glass..and making it shiny with a tissue..then as i was checking..i saw a dent..then the glass started cracking…and little by little the wine glass was crumbling into little pieces…until i let it go and when i saw that on the floor it was only the stem that wasn’t broken…could anybody tell me what this means?….