Wink dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Love if wink – Dreaming of a wink means that you desire to meet a person you admire and you will implement your heart’s desire.
  • Worries if wink to ugly woman or man – This dream indicates that you will have grief and worries in near future;
  • Joy if wink to beautiful woman or man – This dream is more positive and it means that you will experience joy and satisfaction in near future.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Real friendship if wink to your friend – In the dream you wink to your friend, then this means that you have really trustful friend and you can trust your money, property and secrets.

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  1. Carl Jung was not Jewish, and, in some circles, was thought to have been anti-semitic. While dreams are subject to interpretation, facts are not.