Wire dream meanings

General Meanings:

Ability to keep closer The dream of wire shows the ability to narrow down a bit something in order to possess and to retain. For example your own desire to hobble a beloved person.

  • The wire in the dream often symbolizes obstacles that you may expect to have in the near future.
  • In the dream the entanglement of wire shows insurmountable problems.
  • The wires of silver and gold in the dream has a positive meaning this denotes that you can overcome difficulties and pitfalls that others did.
  • Barbed wire can hurt your body and your soul. This stands for our ego and indicates painful experiences.

Psychological Meanings:

Wire as a symbol may give a close and harmonious relationship and this is also considered symbolically – connection, communication, positive interaction.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Barriers if see wire – The dream of wire is the expression of insurmountable obstacles, which you have to overcome;
  • Keep secrets if see mesh of wire – The dream of mesh of wire marks that there are some secrets in your life that must be kept only to you this will be even better to you;
  • Keep calm if see barbed wire – This dream is a sign that at this moment you have to stay for a while patiently until all difficulties will solve by themselves;
  • Worries if be caught in barbed wire – In the dream you were caught in barber wire then this dream is a sign that you will have lots of troubles because of your irresponsible actions and decisions;
  • Travel if lead wire – You dream of lead wire then this dream announces short and pleasant trip with some works to do;
  • Welfare if golden wire – The golden wire in the dream announces good development of your business and prosperity;
  • Stopped bad things if silver wire – In the dream you see silver wires then this dream signifies that you will prevent bad intentions and bad plans of others;
  • Worries if see old and rusty wire – In the dream you see old and rusty wires then this shows that you will have some family difficulties in near future;
  • Betrayal if see wire fence – The wire fence in the dream denotes that you will be cheated in a business.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Don’t pay attention if see wires – In the dream you see wires then this shows that you let your enemies to talk as much as they want, you know alone, what is the best for you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if roll or see wire – In a dream you roll or see wires then this dream marks that you have to beware of pitfalls and treacherous people who seek to deceive you;
  • Malfeasance if silver wire –  The dream marks that you will have villainy because of your good friends;
  • Fulfillment if golden wire -The wires are golden in your dream, then this announces that all your wishes will fulfill and everything will be good;
  • Need of money if search for wire – When you search some wires in your dream, then this dream denotes that you need some extra money;
  • Attention if see hanging wires – The hanging wires as a dream symbol stands for danger for the future, you have to be very attentive while making decisions.

* Please, see meaning of cable.

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